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2/20 c6 2thalleronit
I totally love how this story played out through the chapters. Great write!
7/1/2020 c6 5rObErTpAtTiNsOnIsHoT1989
please continue
9/27/2019 c6 gump1098
This is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get.
8/27/2019 c5 149Teobi
Another wonderful chapter full of Pinger sweetness and hints of MAG. I love these pairings because Professor and Ginger are like the big brother and sister of Mary Ann and Gilligan. Sherwood eventually got them all together in the musical of GI - take that, censors!

Can't wait for G Man to open his heart to Mary Ann.
8/27/2019 c4 Teobi
I loved this chapter. Gilligan just seems numb, like the hunt was the last straw, and he's absolutely correct with all that he tells the Professor about the times he got blamed for things that weren't his fault. I'm glad the Professor listened and understood. He's a good man. He even encourages Gilligan to eat some pie, to the delight of Mary Ann. Sweet!
8/26/2019 c5 148Miss Bridget Sharpe
I think it quite obvious to anyone who watched Gilligan's Island that the one Gilligan was most fond of was Mary Ann. And it was clear Mary Ann was fond of him too. She was always the one to encourage him. MAG is what was always to be. Nothing else. It is mean to break apart MAG. They are adorable.

Right now I think Gilligan could use Mary Ann's love. He needs her to get through this. He can as long as he has her.
8/13/2019 c3 149Teobi
I feel so bad for Gilligan. He sounds like he's got PTSD and he can't even go home to his family. I'd be crying too, if I was Mary Ann. I'm looking forward to his session with the Professor. I did laugh at 'The Professor and Ginger were kissing in his hut'. XD
8/5/2019 c2 Terri S
Very good few chapters. Please write more soon.
7/31/2019 c2 Teobi
What a beautiful and sad chapter! Gilligan is so selfless he downplays his own suffering and is glad Kincaid didn't choose someone else. And yet he's exhausted, not hungry, is throwing up and snapping at everyone. Mary Ann knows there's something terribly wrong. I loved how she sat with him and held his hands in silence. I really love this story and how it gets straight to the point.
7/31/2019 c1 Teobi
One thing about that awful episode is the fact it brings the castaways even closer together and ties the bonds that they already have to one another. Everyone's building each other up, but poor Gilligan is still suffering. Poignant first chapter, ending with some lovely moments between Ginger and the Professor.
7/30/2019 c1 74Tim66
MAG and PINGER. The true couples of Gilligan's Island.
7/28/2019 c1 148Miss Bridget Sharpe
Good start. On the show it was comical and Gilligan was more naive and resilient but it is good to show a deeper meaning than what was written. It makes sense for Gilligan to feel like this. It makes it more human and realistic.

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