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for The Covenant Empire vs the Galactic Empire

2/4 c7 1CliffySilver66
just wanted to say that a CCS class battlecruiser is ecuiped with 2 plasma emitters, one for excavation (it's glassing beam) and one made for ship to ship combat
2/4 c1 6Nuincalion Griffondor
this will be a fun match up, but when total war breaks out, thrawn is going to obliterate the covenant. Even if the covenant have superior ships(big if) they don't have anyone with thrawn's tactical genius. I can't wait to see the fireworks.
1/2 c8 4Mend1cant Bias
Everyone forgets that the Covenant has their own super soldier program. One such elite from said program was around 11 feet tall and could rip a Spartan 2 in half. Brutes would have done the opposite of run away, they’re a warmongering, extremist race that love battle. Preferring to charge at enemy positions
10/13/2019 c7 Jon
This is very good :) Thank you
9/15/2019 c4 Guest
I know it doesn't fit in your story, or anyone else's apparently, but the Covenant is known for taking its defeated foes into their ranks. Or at least the best.

I know why you killed off the humans, but I would have loved to see Covenant Spartans.
9/14/2019 c2 21He Who See's
Yeah, 50-to-1 is an EXTREME lowball of just how incredibly outnumbered an accurate Covenant would be to an accurate Galactic Empire. The entire population of the Covenant, at best, reaches into the hundreds of billions whereas JUST CORRUSCANT, which isn't even the only world ruled by the Galactic Empire that numbers so high, is 1 TRILLION, the total population of the galaxy being something like 100 quadrillion according to the 2014 Atlas. Even assuming high end by giving the covenant 900 billion in pop., the galaxy outnumbers them 111,111.1111111111111111-to-1. For the record, that's like 111,111.1111111111111111 people going up against 1 guy or the Population of China, some 1.386 BILLION up against a small, mid-western town of only 12,474.0000000000000000012 like the town of Finneytown, Ohio, which only has a population of 12,413. The Galactic Empire could LITERALLY BURY the Covenant alive in bodies with only a fraction of the manpower they could muster up to oppose them.
9/14/2019 c1 He Who See's
The Galactic Empire, using even Disney Calcs, would horribly crush the Covenant. You're talking about a Galactic scale polity with millions of ships and 25,000 of their best mid-weight class of vessels alone that was able to build two Death Stars in relatively short order and secrecy without sending their economy into a tail spin going up against a polity with barely a secret presence in one arm of their galaxy with slower FTL, vastly smaller population and territorial holdings, and significantly less industrial capacity. The only things going for the Covenant is MAYBE consistently better and more consistent firepower per ship and MAYBE range, but considering in this scenario the Covenant don't even have any planets or anything they could bring with them that wasn't bolted down and that they took a big hit from the flood, they'll have even LESS of all those things I mentioned and be even MORE prone to be grinded into galactic dust, however long it would take Galactic Empire military men and engineers to figure out how best to crush the Covenant.
8/2/2019 c6 6reza0807
Once again, a good scenario. Both sides are being done justice when it comes to combat.
7/31/2019 c1 TheKike
Not bad, keep it up, what do you think about a battle between marvel and DC heroes or between the lord of the rings and game of thrones
7/30/2019 c4 1nt3rD1ct0r
I don't like what's being implied here, do you really think a few elites could possibly kill the Emperor? The Force warns of any incoming attacks and the Emperor is an adept of foresight, he would know exactly when something such as an assassination would take place. Additionally, they have no counter to the force. Much like the Master Chief could do nothing against the Didact in Halo 4, the power of an extremely strong force user like the Emperor cannot be defeated by anything other than another force user.
7/31/2019 c5 reza0807
The scenario pretty much went like it could have gone. You described it realistically, without giving the Sangheili some kind of advantage over the Force, and the events that happened were logical. I look forward to how you'll describe the conquest.
7/30/2019 c4 reza0807
Mhm, you do a good job at portraying the arrogance of the Prophets. The assassins won't even get near killing Palpatine. Not only are the royal guards exceptionally well-trained, he himself could kill them using the Force alone.
7/30/2019 c4 1balom
I think they're in for a surprise from the "frail old man"
7/28/2019 c1 Carlosxvx
Soo bad.

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