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11/7/2020 c1 49LionsEscaped
This is another Crappy fic from a shitty person who either themself or their friends go on anon to leave nasty reviews on people's fics after the person doesn't respond back kindly to their rudeness. Also, you clueless tard my fics are of an unpopular pairing and for the pairing, they get more comments than most fics. And saying to please comment is not begging it's something every author does. What's pathetic is you and your friends who are likely only able to get reviews for your poorly written works by making threads of comment exchanges.
9/13/2019 c1 7CricketBeautiful
Second chances are worth taking. I like seeing these two together.
8/8/2019 c1 24ZadArchie
I suppose it is a lucky break that I’ve been reading some of your Battle of the Planets stories before this. It certainly made me feel more familiar with the characters, or at least half of them anyway. Moving onto the story itself. I rather liked how you approached a crossover in this one with mistaken identities and misunderstandings during a first meeting between characters from two different worlds, so to speak. It makes things feel more believable as a crossover, I think.

Even better was how you found the common ground between these two characters, both of whom are somewhat similar in personality and experience, to a degree. I believe this really sets up for a lot of good things, and I hope that this single story could springboard into something more…or it’s just an introduction of sorts to crossovers of these two fandoms you’ve already done. Either way, it works to help build into something bigger. Good work!

8/7/2019 c1 79dust on the wind
Just coming in from the WA forum to read this one, and I'm very pleased to have done so. I'm only vaguely familiar with the two fandoms, but it doesn't matter in this context. Just enough information is provided to make the scenario understandable without distracting from the mutual misunderstanding which forms the core of the story.

The characters are very well drawn. Mark in particular as a young man who in some respects is more mature than he appears, and yet still young enough for his tactless question to come across as immature. His deep sense of embarrassment rings very true. As for Scott's frustration at having to do the polite to executives in hospitality, when all he wants to do is talk about planes, I really felt for him.

The narrative flows very naturally, and the situation is entirely believable, and very neatly resolved.

Overall I can't fault it anywhere. Very well done.
8/5/2019 c1 4CrystalRei
Hey cathrl; here from the challenge. :)

I really liked how you presented this whole plotline overall, with both parties thinking their introduction had gone badly, and then Mark's way of starting over at the end. The mirroring of the beginning of both scenes worked really well. I also liked Scott's last line for some reason. It's almost like it's an inside joke for pilots and it amuses me. :)

The SPaG is spot-on (only thing is that I think "two day" in the second scene needs to be hyphenated together, but I'm not sure if that's a UK difference or not), and the story as a whole is pretty fandom-blind-friendly. There are a lot of casual references thrown around, but there are also plenty of context clues to get everything important. And the casual references themselves are a good thing to me - the characters and narrative aren't going out of their way to explain things and the background is taken for granted (without being confusing). I think it helps with reader immersion, actually. :)

Best of luck!
8/1/2019 c1 149rebecca-in-blue
Hi there, here from the Random Opener Challenge and fandom blind, although I don't think that was an issue here. You write it in a very accessible way, and I think I got a good impression of the characters. I really like the double awkwardness in the opening - the conversation between Mark and the other pilots at the airshow, and also him relaying that conversation to Tiny later. I had a nice chuckle at his expense over his snafu with the senior pilot.

You also do a very good job at conveying some backstory in a way that isn't telly. You convey almost all through dialogue that Mark is new to the job and replaced Jason in not the most comfortable way. I liked Tiny's "Now there's someone who got his job" line; it felt like a touching, subtle way to reassure Mark. I also like the switch to John and Scott's scene later; very clever of you to work in the awkward conversation from the opposite party's perspective. John and Scott felt as close/friendly there as I think Tiny and Mark have the potential to become.

Wonderful work - good luck in the contest!
8/1/2019 c1 nephedra
I loved your cross-over pieces when you first put them out and I only had a fleeting memory of Thunderbirds. This is a great companion piece and a great set up for a relationship that will build over time into something beyond just respect. It shows both of their insecurities and just how hard their cover jobs are when it is so far from their real personalities. Nice short. I would love to see more between these two and the teams!
7/30/2019 c1 33CercandoUnaVoce
Hi. I'm here from the WA Challenge and fandom blind (both fandom), but that was not a problem.

I liked so much how you used the given opening line. Using that as a part of story told and not as a thought or something that's happening now is very clever and well done. We discover what that conversation was about while Tiny does, so there's no need of guessing.
I also loved the beginning of the second scene with Scott and John talking about the reaction to that 'way to start a conversation' previously addressed.
And last, you have the second try of a conversation with the original characters involved in the first disastrous try. I appreciated how this second encounter goes definitely better for the both of them, and how the two have more in common with each other then they can imagine.

Nice short, dialogue based story, good luck with the contest.
7/29/2019 c1 walmar
Thank you for a great story, read the crossover a while ago and enjoyed, love Thunderbirds and watched Battle of the Planets when a child. Once I finish the Thunderbirds fan fic (started at the bottom now up to pge 20) will move to other stories including Battle of the Planets .
7/29/2019 c1 41Math Girl
I love a good G-Force/ Thunderbirds crossover. :) The hard part always seems to me that their universes are so différent. Good job, Cathrl. Enjoyably well written dialogue.
7/29/2019 c1 42Tikatu
This was great! Got me to reread the "sequel" again. You did a great job with the prompt, too! Kudos!
7/29/2019 c1 Guest
Hahahahahaha. Can totally see it going down like that!
Brilliant, as always.
7/29/2019 c1 Guest
Just seeing the notification in my mail that there was a new story waiting for me was a treat. Reading it was even better!

I very much enjoyed the conversation (small as it was) between Scott and Mark, and it never ceases to amuse me how two people pretending to be something they aren't can get along. If I have any small point of criticism (after I'm done fangirling over the Thunderbirds, Battle of the Planets and your crossovers) is that Mark and Scott are very much alike in some ways, which - I think - may make it a challenge to keep their 'voice' separate.

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