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7/13 c23 12OnlyLonelyStars
your past does not define you. your past does not define you. your past does not define you. your past does not define you. your past does not define you
Gleb... I'm sorry people keep finding out in such terrible ways :( at least family understands (I hope).
In all seriousness, I love where you're taking this fic. It's so highly enjoyable. I hope your vacation was wonderful!
5/20 c21 OnlyLonelyStars
This is so pure. I really love seeing them have some time to themselves, despite the events of late. Plus, I'm a sap for romantic stuff like buying rings and family history (and the little scene at the bench? So sweet). Thanks for the fic update!
(A tiny note about a typo: when Gleb meets the pawnbroker, he calls Gleb "moisture" instead of "monsieur;" I thought you would like to know, just in case.) :)
5/5 c5 char
This is so good omg
3/29 c20 Guest
3/17 c19 auri-australis
Awww this was sweet!
3/11 c18 auri-australis
Aww poor Gleb! He'll get over it and love Elena soon enough i'm sure but still this definitely made me feel bad for him because Anya's right, he didn't follow orders and was a good guy for that at least. I hope he realizes soon he's not alone D:
3/7 c18 2readerkp16
Glad they were able to clear the air, have we seen the last of Anya?
2/7 c17 readerkp16
2/7 c17 12OnlyLonelyStars
Kudos for the research! The whole non-smoking thing is really interesting. Anyway, hurray for Anya finally appearing! Except... not really. Because she's in danger. ...oops. Still, ROMANTIC TENSIONS!
1/23 c16 4elvinscarf
Love it! Can’t wait until the next chapter!
1/19 c16 auri-australis
I really enjoyed this! Having watched the musical recently this story is really fun to read
12/27/2019 c15 2Fair Echo
Please continue the story! I love this musical and Gleb, and I love the connection between him and Elena through his father. I also love the explanation as to how Anastasia survived the massacre.
-Fair Echo
12/15/2019 c15 OnlyLonelyStars
Now I'm scared. Poor Gleb had been doing so well! Anya, please take Dmitry and go somewhere else, and as for the commander...
I wanna fight him.
11/10/2019 c13 7godsdaughter77
Thanks for updating! I enjoy the banter between them.
11/2/2019 c12 godsdaughter77
Thanks for sharing this! I'm really enjoying it and hope you continue to update it.
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