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for A Rose's Final Task

9/19 c10 islamy96
Ozpin is asshole.
8/19 c9 Strud
It's so hard to keep reading these as soon as online gets involved

I love the stories I really do but always, ALWAYS as soon as ozma is involved everything grinds to a halt, he demands answers gives none does nothing and shackles the hero so they can't do anything either.

The man has had more then 1000 years to succeed and has continuously failed. He's useless and he doesn't deserve to be a leader of anything.
7/28 c15 Dalisay2000
Good stuff
4/21 c15 rama alif
when the next chapter?
1/26 c15 tiffanyblue89717
Loving the story so far! Do you have any plans to continue this? Not trying to rush you or anything and it's totally fine if you're not, just wondering ;)
8/5/2020 c15 5joeski
Is the story dead or are you waiting for volume 8?
3/25/2020 c3 38Kaiimei
Yeah, the errors are...pretty copious.

I don't know if this story improves in later chapters, but...if you aren't a fan of stories that have a ton of errors, then this isn't something to read. If, however, you are one of those magical people who can ignore errors and enjoy the story for what it is, go right ahead!

But, this is it for me unfortunately. Hope you all enjoy the story boos!
3/25/2020 c2 Kaiimei
I...like the idea, Clerical Hysterical Hijinks made a great one of these time-travel fics.

This one...I will admit, I get a bit of a headache reading this. There's an absolute ton of errors, in spelling and grammar, and the way Summer went from speaking cryptically about how there was a way for her to go back, then flipping to wanting Ruby just to come to the other side, was a bit weird. I get that she wanted to tell Ruby beforehand, but if she really wanted Ruby to join her she wouldn't have told her that she could go back to the living world.

Fingers crossed this improves in the next few chapters, otherwise it's gonna be a wrap from me, just because I can't handle stories with so many errors, sorry boo.
2/19/2020 c9 Quickened
Here we gooooooo!
2/19/2020 c6 Quickened
They both have mother issues, at least in the more recent volumes Yang kind of got over hers. I understand though, the Summer issue is deeper then the Raven issue.
2/19/2020 c5 Quickened
I love how in this Ruby doesn’t just immediately run to Ozpin, it shows that she know Ozpin is not trust worthy.
2/19/2020 c4 Quickened
I said, “Shitty Puns” out loud while giggling. Honestly tho, low-key that was a good one!
2/19/2020 c3 Quickened
Same old Ruby, lmao struggling with a sewing needle. Cleaver... It took me a few paragraphs to realize that it is a gruesome name. Special case? Hmm... does this involve cookies? I’m clearly not following along. Oop.
12/30/2019 c12 Jj22jj2255
Honestly I love the story so far, and I really like the inclusion of some of the music she listens to because it kinda foreshadows how truly mentally ill she is. (Also I love both of those songs so that’s a thing)
12/23/2019 c15 JackTheSpades
What a great chapter :3
First things first, I love how you've setup Raven as (probably) irredeemable. I mean, yeah, in the future apparently she helped out but that was more because she was backed into a corner rather than out of any goodness left in her heart.
Most stories that want to have Raven around kinda downplay her whole role as Bandit Queen and just kinda sweep it under the rug. This however, fully embraces the fact that Raven leads a fucking bandit tribe and is probably responsible for hundreds of causalities. By and large, I see Raven as a coward. Her ideology of "The strong live, the weak die" is nothing but lib service. She runs away from the strong (Salem) and preys on the weak (normal villagers). I'm pretty sure if Rot were to start slaughtering her bandits she wouldn't just shrug it off as "the weak die".
Speaking off... please let Ruby cut lose a bit with Raven and her tribe of murderers. I am generally looking forward to a bit of a mindfuck (because Raven does not yet know about time travel Ruby) as well as a good ass kicking. I suppose usually that would be hard given that Raven is a maiden (which, just as a reminder, she is because she 'mercy' killed a little girl) but apparently Silver Eyes work against Maidens so there's that :P

The backstory for Summer and Qrow was great as well. Much like with Yang and Ruby's backstory I love the lore and history you're giving to these characters. I'm also curious what's gonna become of this whole Rose-linage talk. Like, apparently they had a mansion? Does Rot get to claim that, seeing as she is technically the oldest Rose alive? Not sure what she'd do with a mansion in Mistral but it would be neat.

Rot's little breakdown was also well earned. Of course she's got a lot on her shoulders and seeing her dead teammates is probably not as healthy as you'd think. The bit with Yang's tiny flame is just too god damn heart wrenching.
As for the bar fight... I kinda figured they'd connect to Raven somehow xD. It just sorta fit the cliché well enough. Then again, the whole thing was entertaining so who am I to complain.

All in all, solid chapter as always and I'm looking forward to the next one (especially if Raven gets a royal ass kicking. Rot needs a bit of an outlet for her frustration anyway :P)
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