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for Diligence of the Shield Hero

6h c66 Sendril
Great chapter as always.
I don't know If It is still accepting views on slavery but If there is a way for the people to know that it is being used so they can haver a better chance to survive the waves and that Naofumi isn't a bad master i see that most people that want to fight to protect their family and friends would want to become a slave obviously if there are laws to regulate the slavery and control it so no onde have to suffer abuse again them i don't see much oposition from the people of this world, but each person has his/her own story.
Thank you for sharing this awesome story.
Hope to see Naofumi to keep using his Shields in combinations like in the fight aganist the pope he don't relied in the curse pra the blessed series until the last moments.
10h c66 FlameDragon14
A belly rub, huh? Honestly, I can’t say I wouldn’t have thought along the same lines as Ren on this one. Understanding a girl is hard enough, then you add on her Tsundere attitude and habits which would only make it close to impossible for me to know what is, and what isn’t the right thing to say. Now to top it off, she’s a demi-human and the only thing we have to work with is our knowledge of said animal from back home, but some of the things that we see as normal might come off poorly to the demi-human in question. So in the end I’d likely be in Ren’s position as well.

Now I don’t remember if I said this in the last chapter or not, but in regards to the slavery thing, I’m will to stand by it “IF” there are checks and balances put into place. Means of protecting the one bearing the slave seal and it having to be consensual. Other then that I’d say find someone that can work/craft such seals and see if a new version of such seals can be made, one with safety features to protect the ‘slave’ from being abused.
1/26 c66 16Ander Arias
As much as I like tsunderes as well, I think you need to tone Wyndia down a little. At least on the ohysical violence department. At some point she looks more like a psycho rather than emotionally confused/flustered.

Poor Bakta and Welt, though. Ren unwittingly betrayed them.
1/26 c66 Enderborn8
Amazing as always
1/25 c66 11Gamera68
Another great chapter and I loved HERO CLIPS so much this time.

Please keep it up 'cause whatever you're doing, we're enjoying.

Oh, Great Sage... what is thy secret to writing such hilarious scenarios?
1/25 c66 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
1/25 c66 DJman248
Great chapter as usual. I see that they are making this a matter with the whole town...but Im not sure this is such a bright idea if they couldn't even come to an agreement when there only 5 people involved in the discussion...at least not unless Itsuki is fully willing to listen to Naofumi's argument. (Ren is so-so and Motoyasu is on Cruise Control as usual).
1/25 c66 D3lph0xL0v3r

1/25 c65 Gamera68
Hey, those limited edition action figures are expensive, you know!
1/25 c66 Dcraus
Maybe you can also try Motoyasu own chapter story someday along with Elena and Rino especially their characters development has well. See now well they grown
1/25 c66 Dcraus
They can solve the solution together with slave crest and stuff
1/25 c26 kishi no muzjun
and then black clover too man your spoiling us
1/25 c26 kishi no muzjun
attack on titain refrence with seed dungeon episode. i gotta say, nice. and really fucking funny
1/21 c65 2Darksaber's Naco
1st of all... love the story.

2nd, the whole figurine thing sounds more like Motoyasu's idea.

3rd, In cannon shield hero ended up with 3 wives, sword with 2, and bow with one. are you planing the same, more, or less? (Hoping for more but then i love harem stores)

4th, do you think Keel and the 2nd princess will get to go level on Cal Mira this time? Always thought they should have went in cannon.

5th, If Dou-Lon becomes a slave will he reset his level (before Cal Mira)?

6th, If i can weigh in on the whole slavery thing even thought it is a chapter gone... In the real world its wrong and impractical. In there world do to the magic and possible benefits it does have a place IF bound by the right set of rules. I propose that the heroes adapt the following (or something like it) 4 point system: Point 1, Anyone who wishes to become an other's slave and is of sound mind and judgment may do so. Point 2, Anyone who wishes to sell themself, and ONLY themself, into temporary slavery may do so with a contract of "Indentured Servitude" that is to be over seen and filed with the local government. The contract must clearly state the time of service, compensation of service, and any limitation of service (so someone who sells themself as a maid doesn't have to worry about becoming a sex slave... unless they want to be). Point 3, Force slavery may be used as a form of punishment rather then long term prison stays (giving them a cheap labor force in place of a resource drain) as long as the state provides basic need (food, shelter, clothing) and reasonably safe working conditions. Point 4, any slave in the hero's realm not bound by contract or prison sentence that asks for their freedom must be given it at the 1st available opportunity. This includes slaves originally bound outside the hero's realm.

7th, (and last i promise) Are they going to start buying slaves soon because i like some of the up coming characters.
1/20 c32 Dcraus
Ren x Wyndia romance relationship development between each other
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