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for Diligence of the Shield Hero

3h c81 5Robotech275
Oh my god this chapter was amazing. And the cliffhanger. AAAAAAGH. This chapter was so long too. Absolutely amazing
9h c81 SentinalSlice
But does Naofumi lift?
9h c81 D3lph0xL0v3r
keep up the amazing work!



I Gave them a chance; and they did EXACTLY What I thought they would do; Betray Our Protagonists to Destroy Raphtalia's World!

10h c81 4StoryPointA
Overall this chapter was enjoyable as always. Though I agree with Amit Barabi about the fight being a bit anti-climatic. But, that's too be expected at this point with the characters having grown so much in terms of strength and skill. However, I think it mainly came from the pacing of the plot. Build up to the wave felt too quick and easy. I feel like a little more chaos could've been integrated just to spice things up. Maybe a more in-depth description of the heroes reveal to the island. Possibly increase tension by putting some focus on the island civilians(shopkeeper?). I would've foreshadowed Glass's arrival more during the fight. Get the parties to discuss that they're more worried about her than the wave. Have the heroes constantly looking for her arrival, since I don't think they know to wait for the boss to die, or do they? That might make the end section a little more impactful. Since the focus of this wave in general was L'Arc and Therese, you could've built some suspense by having them appear more during the initial battle.

Extremely hyped for the big fight next chapter! I really hope you'll expand on L'Arc and Therese's initial reactions/feelings on betraying the main heroes. Whether it be a flashback, during the actual fight, etc. Anyways, that was a mouth full, but have a good day!
11h c81 2Amit Barabi
The chapter felt mostly great.
The only problem I felt was the battle of the wave. Parts of it felt a little boring.
I am sure the true battle is going to be more fun.
As for the kiss, I know how you feel. I used to love a certain IzuOcha fanfiction until two chapters after Ochaco gave Izuku CPR as their only kiss so far.
I will not say the name of the story because I have been bullied before for giving it a hard time.
11h c81 deltadragon373
...And now it's time to get sad...Damn it. I was honestly hoping that it wouldn't have to come to L'Arc and Therese fighting them. I like them a lot...
12h c81 drmcgraw186
What a chapter, the 3 heroes and their parties did a great job working together (no need for anyone to save the 2nd princess as she more than capable of handling the fish hybrid beast) who needs the Queen to lead when there is the 2nd Princess on the field(sea) [she'll make a great Queen someday]

no misunderstood kiss/cpr mouth to mouth for Ren & Wyndia (the current CPR has removes Mouth to mouth anyway as it was not thae effective)

Naofumi picking up the whale by it's horn is just him being a chad

I a bit surprise Therese showed up at the end I was really hoping the girls won here over to be neutral
next week will be a fun chapter
12h c81 Drcaus
So It begins
5/13 c80 Guest
Well everybody got 12 Hours to prepare and Heal themselves
5/12 c80 SentinalSlice
L’Arc don’t betray Brofumi! You’re pals now!
I really enjoyed this chapter! I love how you described the penguin thing suits.
5/11 c80 11Gamera68
Another stellar chapter!
You never cease to amaze me.
Please keep up with the excellent story telling.
5/11 c80 16Ander Arias
At last, Wyndia finally mastered Dragon Vein magic, while also realizing that she's in love with Ren. Good to have some development on her front, since seeing so many chapters with her trying and failing to get out of her rut was becoming a little tiresome.

At last, the Cal Mira hourglass has finally been found.
5/11 c80 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Really enjoyed reading this chapter. Looking forward to reading more.
5/11 c80 2Amit Barabi
This chapter was amazing!
I knew Wyndia was going to figure out her magic around the same time she planned to confess her feelings to Ren.
I also love that they only have about 12 hours instead of 2 days. It means they don't have time to prepare for the next Wave.
I am more excited for this arc's end than I am for the next season of the anime.
Hopefully, the tiger guy (I keep forgetting the spelling of his name) can get his class upgrade before the Wave arrives with Glass.
I like to speculate in my reviews (just ask The Incredible Muffin), so here is my speculation;
Ren and Itsuki are unquestionably more powerful than their canon counterparts, but Nafumi is about as powerful in any regards that is not attack, so if we are talking about stats and factors such as the Soul Eater weapons, then they could kill Glass with ease. But then, there are her two friends, who are probably as powerful if not stronger.
What I truly wonder about is whether or not they will stay with her or not. Your story gave them a good reason to stay in this world and treat it as their new home, so I am quite curious to see the outcome of this Wave.
5/10 c80 DJman248
I was born ready for the climax of this arc. You set up so many things that I just HAVE to see this through!

On this chapter, I really enjoyed that significant glimpse into Wyndia's psyche. Tying that to her finally managing to figure out her magic was fantastic. That scene with Therese...oof, the reveal is going to STING.

It was also pretty nice seeing Ren learn magic sword spells! His reaction to Wyndia smiling at him was just adorable! And him trying to find a hint on dog girls in his menus was had me chuckling for a nice minute!

Gotta say, the way you had Naofumi, Raphtalia and their kids (featuring Second Princess Melty!) discover the dragon hourglass and having a nearby wave be THAT close? It was definitely MUCH more intense than what we got in canon! I approve!

Definitely looking forward to what comes next! Until next time!
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