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5/16 c122 Guest
Like Arthur Fleck once said, " You get what you f****** deserve." Considering how that bastard treated Filo like that so cruelly, he doesn't any mercy from Naofumi. Seeing him reduced to sobbing, pathetic, worthless excuse of a human being has to be the third best cathartic scene in this story. The second was Kyo's beatdown, while the first was the roasting of Malty. A calm Naofumi is a scary Naofumi than Angryfumi. Now hopefully he'll behave like that once he meets Malty or Takt.
5/18 c103 swagerness
farrie has it objectively worse and was gaslit by the rest. Art mimics real life right?
5/17 c122 Caspian123
Stupid sexy Maya!

The fact that he could use the Hope Shield is proof enough that his anger was righteous. I don't know if torture was too much, but he definetly deserved punishment for what he did to Filo, maybe even death. The fact that he was given 3 oportunities to sell Filo, and that after Naofumi gave him sufficient proof that Filo was his property, AND after he called her her DAUGHTER... yeah, the guy was a greedy fool that got what he deserved.

Again, I'm not sure torture was too much or not, mainly because of the use of the Hope Shield, but punishment was necessary. If he didn't used that shield, then, sure, the torture was a given. That is the only thing that makes me hesitate, I'm nit sure if the nature of the shield would make torture possible while using it.
5/17 c122 DJman248
I think Naofumi's actions were just right:

-He focused everything on the main offender.

-The offender is monstrous and taking advantage of others' grief and anger to line his own pockets...at the expense of unrelated monster people.

-Naofumi did not bring out the wrath shield and left enough wiggle room for the damage to be mostly reversible...possibly.

-Raph-chan is Rifana. Of course she was going to inflict psychological trauma on the bastard who inflicted so much hurt onto her best friend's daughter! It may even have the chance of getting this bastard to do better and stop this monstrous business he has going.

The only things I would consider editing would be on having Naofumi make the circus master's offenses clear as possible to him before halfway through the torture and perhaps add a tad more nuance on what Naofumi means in his thoughts on having the rest of the town pay the karmic bill later on when he helps Kizuna invade it. I recommend the former because it would feel more karmic and make it clear to the bastard why he had this coming and how "lucky" he is that he didn't die, while the latter is more because...well...it's not like the whole town was necessarily condoning or even aware of that horrible monster circus, just the upper class, yeah?

One last question out of curiosity. If I remember correctly, Naofumi has to enter a specific state of mind to use the Hope Series, right? Relating to hope and retribution on someone responsible for hurting others and what not...I would like to hear your reasoning on how Naofumi managed to maintain that sort of state of mind while doing what is basically cold-blooded torture. Like Itsuki said here, this is the first time he's ever seen Naofumi use the Hope series like this...and I was under the impression that it wasn't quite possible...but perhaps I'm thinking small here.

Either way, this was a cool chapter. Glad to see Filo rescued! I'm guessing she's a chick again due to being unleveled, yeah? But I'm sure she'll get those levels back soon.
5/17 c122 17Ander Arias
Are you watching the anime? Because they pretty much speedran the Spirit Tortoise Arc. Given that it took you 24 chapters (24 pretty long chapters, might I add) to cover all of it, and I remember you claimed it was almost as long in the LN... yet the anime did it in like, five episodes. Then again, both the Tortoise and Kyo came off as far less formidable in comparison. The Tortoise, for example, didn't have the crazy regeneration or the MP draining aura, and Kyo went down pretty easily.

Guess we're going to see Kizuna and Raph-chan in the anime long before the season ends.

Anyway, onto the chapter! I'm glad to see that it didn't take them that long to rescue Filo (and as expected, she also regressed into a chick). It's also been a while since we saw the Shield of Hope.

Poor Aksel. Maya seems to have no end of ways to tease and embarrass the poor knight.
5/17 c90 VinTEB
I have a feeling that the way Naofumi is right now he might be the one getting captured by Kyo and is the one who powered up the tortoise instead of the three, but I could be wrong if I read the later chapters
5/17 c122 EmacSans
Damn, that torture of the circus master felt a lot more menacing than in the manga... good.
Though Naofumi's scares me acting like Beloukas, dunno if Beloukas would be concerned by it at all by it
5/17 c90 VinTEB
Naofumi: Plot development? Pfft! *chucks the development away so he can have a temper tantrum*
5/16 c89 VinTEB
I love how most of everyone in the prev chapter blamed Bitch
5/16 c88 VinTEB
oh nvm
5/16 c88 VinTEB
I don't know who Rachel and Gar are based on
5/16 c122 Mernom
You know what would be wicked? If Naofumi offered to sell the cure... For one Doumon.
5/16 c122 3Dr. Gale
I have an omake idea.

The group returns to Raphtalia’s world only to find out that 10-20 years have passed. You could do it where it’s the end of the world and everyone is resisting the waves terminator style, or everything is all sunshine and rainbows.

Or it could do it in the vein of “Bruce it’s been 5 years, you still owe me 16 dollars”
5/16 c122 5Nightshadegirl
oh my gosh poor aksel but what if the bodysuit was just an illusion he'd probably have a nosebleed and pass out? yikes, can't believe naofumi acted like beloukas then again even i would have covered my eyes if i saw such a thing heck probably even blush.
5/16 c122 9StoryPointA
Oh... poor Filo. Nice pacing on the torture, I almost wish it could've been longer so he could suffer more. Drat, that sounds so wrong without knowing the context. The whole slow neck twist reminded me of that one SAW Trap... Shivers! Anyways, satisfying chapter! I think I've said this before, but it's incredible how consistent your writing's been in this story. You can see improvements as the story develops of course. But, most fics this long usually start spiralling out of control into confusion at this point. Or, take so long to update that you have to reread the last 10 chapters to remember what's going on. Have a chill day.
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