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1/5 c64 TheLastGarou
Something to consider, if you haven't already, is the methods the Romans used in regards to slavery. There were obviously the slaves taken in battle, but there were also Roman Citizens who opted to sell *themselves* as slaves for a given period of time.
I'm not entirely sure on the details, but I know that ( at least by the time of the Byzantines) there were quite stringent laws regarding the treatment -and rights- of slaves, and they carried *severe* penalties for violators.
As for the situation with the Cardinal Heroes, maybe something like the contracts involved in medical trials, informed consent, third party witnesses, that sort of thing.
1/5 c64 Caspian123
Maybe they can have a system similar to the romans. Roman slaves were a lot more "free" than the slaves of USA, they were allowed to have property and to eventually buy their freedom. If they made it so that slavery is more of a social contract than one person owning another, it could work, I think.
1/5 c64 3OechsnerC
Different kinda chapter. Really interesting. Looking forward to reading more.
1/5 c64 GreatEnder
You know the world only showed us the slave crest. They showed us that there are levels of the seal. The one that got applied to Mime was different from the one that got applied to Raphtalia. I bet there are other kinds of seals too.
Maybe just use your fanfic creative license to create a loyalty seal/contract. Then have a law that says all seals have to be registered and approved by the leadership council.
1/5 c64 4Le055Li0n
Nice. Dunno what else to say.
1/5 c64 zetsubougintama
Wait... did you just changed the name of your fanfic?
1/5 c64 Animefireheart
I have always enjoyed your style of writing. It was a great escape from all the stress. Now, I mainly read your old stories. The added memes in the current chapters have thrown me for a loop. May I ask, why did you start adding them?
1/5 c64 Biowind
Honestly when I read this chapter I didn’t expect to find politics mixed in, but you know what, it works, and it does scratch a little itch I want to see in this story now that they have a home base, a little Slice-of-Life.

For the issue of all the laws they have going in place, why not just have a town forum/assembly once a month, half way between a wave. With every population have a repesentive, with if the population of a group increases by 50, then a new member is added? When I say population I’m talking not just human and Demi-human, I mean merchant groups, artisan groups, schools, and such. With the 50 counting employees, though children only counting as 1/2, though that changes with Demi-humans I guess lol.

The forums main purpose is to release the Heroes and Melty from thinking of every single law in existence and let’s them be told by their people what laws are needing to be put into place, and how the punishments needed to be handled.

As for the punishment situation, that needs to be done obviously by a case by case situation, with only the hero’s stepping in when major crimes are committed, so that would be discussed at a forum. Which emergency forums are called for those exact situations, allowing new laws to come into play.

Now to the slavery side, now I’m going to start by saying/being that guy, and saying ya slavery is horrible. What needs to be done for slavery in this situation is finding a new type of crest, a crest that binds the Owner/Commander/Party Leader, to their party in a show of trust and understanding, as that is what the crest, to me, is used by Naofume and his party. It needs to be able to retain the ability of free will, but maybe it’s something the strengthens people, like a special ritual, by the trust connecting them.

And through the discussion of slavery I thought of Pokémon, and how in games and anime, technically it is a form is slavery, but when you care, train, and such for them they grow to the strongest they can be. So what if there is a group of people in your story that use a modified slave crest on monster companions, and one of the heroes find them. With this crest having a companion crest to the leader, and connecting them in a deep bond? This would solve the slave crest issue with the heroes having the crest in the first place.

But I know it wouldn’t solve the issue for slaves in general, this would be requiring another modified crest, one I would call the...dang it’s a word for slaves that would live on a lords land, be fed, taken care of, and given a small amount of wage, but could not leave as they were paying off a debt to the lord. Once payed they could stay, earn a bigger wage, own the land, and such. But the crest would be a mix of a punishment and a way for some people to start out their lives. The punishment version is used on criminals, bandits, corrupt nobles, and such, to reduce and lock their levels, while instead of using a electric shock to hurt them, it would slowly numb and paralyze them temporarily, or the Lord, ya let’s call the owner a Lord crest holder, could release them early, but not hold the paralysis longer. The paralysis effect activities normally if they lie, willfully try to harm others, they can protect others if they have the feeling to protect so that they don’t become paralyzed when fighting monsters maybe even lifting their levels at the moment of protection. Also the paralysis can be activated if the Lord put in special commands for special situations, though they can only put those commands in during the ritual as so the people who know of the crest will know that it’s not a silly/cruel command, such as if they step on a flower, they are frozen for a hour.

Now for the normal crest, the one meant for people who willingly go into slavery, or servitude, this one doesn’t have the restrictions and punishment, it’s more of the overall sign of servitude.

The big thing of these crests is the monitoring and how they are applied features. All crests, when placed on the people are only being able to be applied by the ruling council, and the council has a group that monitors a special, let’s thinking of it as a phone switch board, that shows a duplicate of the crests, that changes colors on their health, from green-yellow-red-black, from best health to dead. Next to each crest has the name of the, the Lord crest owner, and time of death if they are killed, and last time they were paralysis. Maybe a feature to show how long they have left to serve with the crest, as a punishment doesn’t have to last forever, and being a servant isn’t permeant.

So that’s what I have, whatcha think?
1/5 c64 4axc-o
Why don't they think of naofumi as a 5general or a praetor? That way his slave seals could be considered as dog tags or the SPQR tattoo of the Percy Jackson series.
1/5 c61 3Deathmaywrite
You Punk! You got me to cry! Why?! Seriously though, loved this chapter. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!
1/5 c64 3Anime-ted Life116
I can't wait for them to realise the answer to this little problem to is basically get them to either develop a slavery ink that can be accessed and used by certain people, or put in a registry that requires someone to WANT to be a slave(Or rather, have something that is like a job description of what they want.).

Slavery should not be abolished in that world for 2 reasons. The first is that it is a good punishment, regardless of what others says. It not only ensures the Master is able to keep the evildoers in line, but also ensures that their behaviour gets slowly corrected, step by step. Granted, such a method is a little far fetched, but it kinda works.

The second is something that has appeared in this fic, and has appeared as a story:Falling in Love. (This is biased of me, but still a point)

If the Master and the Slave fall in love, and said Slave wants to stay as one, why shouldn't they? It's not as if it is a bad thing. For one, it is the all powerful deterrence for cheating on your spouse. Male is a slave? Kay, no becoming a giglio. Female is a slave? Kay, stop her from spreading her legs to any male she meets besides the master.

There is a third method, which is a truth potion. Provided they could even make it.

This does not mean I encourage slavery, but rather, this is a cut and dry point. This world is NOT Earth. So, Slavery, and by extension, their point of view due to their upbringing, is viewed very differently compared to those who get isekaied. And as such, in ANY Isekai that does not have modernised way of life, slavery is vital to the world's progression, in some sick way or reason. Slavery deters wronddoings of differing magnitudes. Slavery is a punishment. Slavery forwards development. Slavery gives forth entertainment to the masses. Slavery gives a person skillsets(Mining, baking, cooking, fighting, understanding of noble systems, and consequently how to exploit them, and forming of connections). No matter how a guy slices it, slavery, although a frowned upon concept, is a concept that boosts certain areas in the world(Isekai).

Slavery is bad nowadays because the system dictates it so. The four heroes cam change things, but after a long period of time, these changes get warped or removed. What they do, may or may not work. Regardless, it WOULD set a foundation that would ease the process.
1/4 c1 Guest
That a good idea instead of being call slaves, they would be call servants. That way it would wont be a problem towards Naofumi.
1/4 c64 3Dr. Gale
I think of the slave seal and the position of slave as being separate. Anyone with a slave seal is considered a slave, but Raphtalia’s position in Naofumi’s life doesn’t reflect that. We ourselves do not have access to this and we made slaves out of people just fine. So what defines someone as a slave? The basic definition says they are “a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.” As Ren said “ You wouldn’t be able to tell if she was his slave unless you saw her slave crest.” Nobody considers her property at all, the only thing tying her to a position of slavery, is the association of the seal with slavery.

I’d assume the seal would also be used on Prisoners of War and maybe even in high security prisons and on high priority prisoners. Logically anyway. But then there is Dou-Lon, who asks to be put under the seal. He would be in the same boat as Raphtalia, being that without it, he would just be someone in Naofumi’s party.

So I would propose to you the term, Servant. “A person who performs duties for others, especially a person employed in a house on domestic duties or as a personal attendant” or “a devoted and helpful follower or supporter” to give you the definition. Specifically the second one. Dou-Lon is certainly devoted, he comes from a nation that worships the Shield Hero. And he is already a member of his party which puts him in a position to support and follow him, a “slave seal” would not change that.

Dou-Lon would not ever become a slave of Naofumi, but instead a servant. He wishes to serve, and Naofumi or anyone else would not consider him property. Same thing with Raphtalia (although she’s a little bit more than a servant).
1/4 c64 Tottleminerftw
Don't you love going form reading a chapter to try to word a law correctly to fix a problem without creating more problems.
1/4 c64 DJman248
My oh my, I see that we are starting this new arcs with very noteworthy issues that are being adressed!

Here's my take on the matter of slavery:

There are primarily two factors that need to be taken into account for how to write the law concerning slavery:1. How it affects the party that is to receive the slave crest and 2. What are the benefits/potential damages that would result from it.

If Im being honest here...I don't see how slavery would give a serious benefit to anyone who doesn't have a slave boosting method like Naofumi (and potentially the other heroes, if their weapons would unlock something similar). In the general populace, the slave brand gives no benefits whatsoever to the marked party (outside of fringe benefits like being "protected" due to being a noble's property), especially in regards to survival, which is the ONLY reason Naofumi isn't removing the crest from Raphtalia and is considering taking up Dou-Lon's offer.

It's all a matter of survival. Survival in a world that is in desperate peril, and in which the heroes almost got killed by an otherwordly enemy during the last wave even WITH those benefits. I can't blame him for standing his ground on these matters. It's clear that the other three heroes simply reacted because all they learned before coming to this world is that slavery is unacceptable...and in our world, that's been historically true. I can see that they had this reaction because they haven't had Naofumi's experiences, which forced him to do this simply to survive. May be something for them to mull over while letting Naofumi cool off for a bit (that cursed series is a serious obstacle for moments like this...which makes sense).

However...this does open up an assortment of issues...namely, that the benefits regarding survival really only apply to the heroes...but at the same time, the reason why this would even be done doesn't even use about 99% of the slave crest's functions, the Slavery functions, that is (punishments, killswitch, removal of the crested party's autonomy, etc.).

In my opinion, the heroes are really the only ones who should be allowed to use the slave crests in the legal writing...but it should be specified that the crests are NOT being used for slavery purposes! Another comment here takes into account that the "Crested" should always have their autonomy protected while they are using the crest. I agree with said comment, the crested party should have several outlines making it clear that their autonomy shall not be endangered, and that removing the crest should always be an option.

There is one thing that I would be worried about in this situation: Can the slave crest allow the owner to control what the crested party says? Is there a way to verify the settings an owner has at the moment? These are serious considerations, since these aspects would be the main risks to the "Crested" that would still be present no matter what. Especially since well...while our four heroes has shown themselves to be virtuous when it comes to the matter of slavery, it should be taken into account that this law may very well be present for potential future heroes...who may not turn out as heroic as these four.
In short: ban the slavery itself, yes, but allow the crests themselves to be used by the heroes in very specific, VERY careful matters ("heroic service", as another comment wrote), WITHOUT endangering the autonomy of anyone who WILLINGLY enters such a...contract, if I'd had to name it something. All for the purpose of raising the survival chance of anyone who is in the frontlines of the waves and other such dangers that a hero's party has to face.

That's my take on the topic touched upon this chapter. Excellent handling of such a heavy topic by taking into account that the matter is NOT the same as our world when considering the issues at hand. I'm looking forward to how our four heroes handle this situation and its future implications!

Until next time!
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