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8/2/2019 c2 distinguishedinfluencercupcake
Oh ! Can’t wait to see this play out!
8/2/2019 c2 25FadedPromise
This is excellent. I especially like your description of Lucien’s feeling about his time in Intelligence. And also his observation that Jean didn’t realize just how intelligent she was. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to more.
7/31/2019 c1 distinguishedinfluencercupcake
Love this and can’t wait for more
7/31/2019 c1 6MissusH
I really like this. I especially liked the paragraph about Jean as a little girl, hearing “Do you mind?” from random people and thinking they were her soulmate. I imagine this would be a very confusing world to live in as a child!
7/30/2019 c1 28Mamajules12
Love this! So he\appt you are expanding it.
7/30/2019 c1 PerfectSublimeRebel
A very intriguing beginning. Looking forward to where you'll be taking this.
7/30/2019 c1 25FadedPromise
Nothing conventional about the way these two came together. This is very good. I hope there will be more. Thank you for sharing.
7/29/2019 c1 155NancyMay
Didn't he say those very words when she was tidying his office of empties? I see a good story unfolding here, looking forward to reading more.
7/29/2019 c1 Guest
I hope there is more!
7/29/2019 c1 Grilledcheesebandit
Ohhh, I love Soulmate Au's! I'm excited! Thank you!
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