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for Not Just Partners - Bechloe

12/11/2020 c31 Pitchypitch122
Hi, hope you are doing well and hope to see you write again.
8/2/2020 c31 Guest
ok, so I binged this is two and love it. I hope you're not ending it on a cliffhanger! I would love to spend some more chapters with our favorite ship in this awesome AU.
7/30/2020 c31 Ginebra 10
I love It! I really love this story!

Can't wait to see what happens !
7/26/2020 c31 Guest
Hope you are well! Love this story so much and can’t wait for the next chapter!
6/17/2020 c21 Guest
Niiiiice heck yes and thank you, author. Worth it worth it worth it.
6/17/2020 c31 Dpkrs
Wow, great chapter!
I’m excited for the next one, hope u update soon.
6/10/2020 c31 1wingerxlove
literally love you and your stories! :))
6/10/2020 c31 1Rubiksmaniac
Crazy chapter! Figured they wouldn’t get a break for long. Continue super soon please!
6/10/2020 c31 OFP Lefty
I always get excited when you update because I love where this story is heading. And of course there's another cliff 't wait for the next update.
6/10/2020 c31 Assuager
dangerous. Do not really get it when this delivery dude said "as well as your agency's headquarters" like enemies want to kill them too or headquarters want to kill Beca? (what's wrong with me?)
Okay, it was sweet how Beca tried to hint on moving in together. And with this thing about last townhouse... (I start to wonder if I have some kind of obsession with this chick or something?) well, when I've read that part about how temporary owner want to get rid of this house ASAP, my first thought was 'ITS KOMISAR! like 150% it's her'
Thanks for sharing! looking for more
5/28/2020 c20 Guest
5/17/2020 c30 Rubiksmaniac
Love this story so much! I hope Beca starts to feel better soon. Continue soon please!
5/12/2020 c30 SharonE
Nice, i love it. Are the also het help from CR, as a African zou, or Flo as a latina spy?. Pleace update this one soon. And maybe Stacie and Aubrey would meet each other
5/10/2020 c30 charmonizer-12
this was an epic chapter. loved the fight scene sequence
5/8/2020 c30 Assuager
Every time I see a notification about a new chapter, I have a smile on my face, and no matter how bad my mood is, it disappears because I know that my night will be good only because I'll read some excellent story.
So, okay, I was 50/50 right about what this dude did to girls, but I was wrong about Komisar. Well, I guess it'll be in next chapters)
Thanks for sharing!
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