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for Not Just Partners - Bechloe

12/9/2019 c23 50Chobits3
This is amazing
12/8/2019 c23 1Rubiksmaniac
Continue super soon please! Cant wait to see what happens next! Hoping to see some more action and to eee the girls open up some more. :)
12/7/2019 c23 Chinman
Ok im gonna miss Emily and her awkward ass. Great chapter
12/7/2019 c23 Vidrio
This story is fantastic, I can’t wait for your next awesome chapter... update soon
12/6/2019 c22 Assuager
Really good fic. I want to know with impatience what happened to Beca, why she behaves this way and what makes her wake up at night and the like, not to mention Chloe. Thanks
12/2/2019 c22 Jyssadee
I loved this story. more if you have time please
11/25/2019 c22 Guest
Good story. Just when I thought that the tension between the two of them would be resolved, in comes Emily. I would like to see what happened to beca and chloe in their past.
11/21/2019 c22 bechloe-4evs
I love this fic!
11/18/2019 c22 Rubiksmaniac
I can’t wait for the next chapter! You must have read my mind because I swear not a day earlier than this update I was thinking “what happened to that agent story I loved?” Decided to reread the whole thing when I saw the update. So glad it’s back and can’t wait for that chaos you promise ;).
11/13/2019 c22 Chinman
Time for a new contender. Enter my favorite Junk. Poor Ems. Love that you introduced her in your story
11/12/2019 c22 Guest
This story is fun!
11/12/2019 c22 4Jody1990
Loving this story. Always so well written. Can’t wait to read more xx
11/8/2019 c21 Guest
Great story, hope you update soon!
11/2/2019 c21 Guest
Update soon pls?
10/27/2019 c21 charmonizer-12
i just binge read this over the last couple days. It’s so good. I took a break from fanfiction but this story broght me back. can’t wait to see what’s next!
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