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for I'm Held by a Thread, Holding on to Nothing

4/22 c21 Cjmusiclover
Hiwhen will you update this story? Curious to see how the story unfolds.
8/25/2019 c21 27Klarolineluvr34
The sequel is called 'Why Did You Say This is Easy?' but I might change it. The release date of this story has yet to be determined, as I haven't started writing it yet, but it will most likely be seen within a year from now, give or take.
8/24/2019 c21 meamaya101
What's the sequel called and when's it coming out?!
8/21/2019 c21 Doxapoopsonyou
I’m so confused this is the same writing as the other chapter Idk which one and it’s says it complete whattt
8/18/2019 c1 Guest
Hope x Roman or Hope x Rafael (Legacies) are my choices in pairings. Hayley x Jackson was the best pairing for the adults. A fan of Davina I am not, but I love Kol. One episode with Landon in the Originals, moving him to Legacies and pairing him with Hope was a mistake. *sigh* More chemistry between the pairings I mentioned. Sorry, had to mention it. I believe she was only being nice to Landon cause he was being picked on and he is also totally socially awkward. My opinion. Roman would have been better for Hope if he hadn't followed his mother. Just finished watching Season 5 yesterday morning.
8/6/2019 c7 Guest
turn it into a father and daughter connecting as father and daughter not incestious
7/30/2019 c1 Guest
I love Roman x Hope

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