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2/25 c1 Guest
its jover theres no chance of this returning
2/12 c1 The FanficHunter10
come on... come on...we need an update!
2/4 c15 TitanDragon
Please, Goddamn you, update this! I need this updated!
2/4 c15 sakkra
Just revisited this story. It is still excellent. If you ever feel like it, I would appreciate a continuation.
1/5 c15 AustinWormLover
More Please, I need tasty WORDS!
12/29/2023 c4 6OverWarlord
12/25/2023 c11 theeelderman5
oh yay found it
12/25/2023 c15 Aren Gisly
TFTC! Waiting for more... F for the Fairy Tail one...
12/20/2023 c15 Zechory
Hey it's been awhile. Here's to hoping that you're still alive and that you can keep on writing. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
11/22/2023 c8 kharlsonn123
Ok i'm fine witg the self insert so far but if ainz is removed from the story then fuck this
11/8/2023 c15 OmegaUltima
Here's hoping that you might one day continue this
11/5/2023 c6 5Kknd2
I really love the NPC view segments, it builds them up and lets us see the view from the ground, so rare a privilege as that is.
11/5/2023 c15 3plebston323
Easily the most in-depth fan fic I've read, the plot, progression, and character interactions are far beyond what should be found in a fan fic. I applaud you for writing this and for sharing it with me.
10/23/2023 c15 The FanficHunter10
I lost count of how many times I reread this one
10/15/2023 c1 weyyyeee
this is mister one of the best introd─▒ction ─▒ ever seen
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