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1/20 c14 1Wyqkrn
This is amazing, please do post any chapters you have available.
1/17 c14 SkiBuild
Are you still alive? Great story though.
1/16 c14 2431101134
wahh this story is soo good! Holy shit bruv. Really liking the characters and what you’ve done with the place! Especially the pre-new world stuff. And I am also in love with the new world too! I skip the sex scenes tho aha. Can’t wait to read more~ thanks for writing this beauty
1/12 c14 Kingh
I really love this story but you have not updated for months plz update soon though no rush after all it is your story so you take your time
1/9 c4 XP7102id
I will miss pandora actor
1/7 c14 Guest
Has this story died? hope not really enjoying it
1/4 c12 Mastersgtjames
MC should totally be seeing if he can travel to other planes, or other multiverses.
1/4 c10 Mastersgtjames
Really overdoing the flavor text background. We get it. MC is a madman, is a murderer, is insane... This was the flavor text, we do not need to reiterate it several times every chapter.
1/4 c14 Kingh
I found this story by accident, and I love it. I usually read gamer stories but this story is amazing I can not wait to see what next
1/4 c7 Mastersgtjames
Would be cool If this story became a multi-cross. With the Dragon MC going to Game of Thrones, Azeroth, Mass Effect, Worm, Harry Potter, Naruto, etc.
1/2 c13 The.Last.Prophet.123
am happy this was not abandoned!
1/1 c14 DominosGuy
One of the best stories I've read, gotta hand it to you with how well you've done this. I can clearly see this isn't number 1 in the Overlord fanfics for nothing. I hope to see this continued!
1/1 c14 Samsara2345
I think if you update this again and which I hope you'll do, Since Ancient one (Ko) is currently in the past of new world and the mention of Evileye (Land fall), I research a bit and found out that The event of the thirteen heroes and evileye happened 200 yrs before Ainz appearance and that is said in wiki that 2 of the 1e heroes are players with the leader being one. Maybe should have the events of the 13 heroes as act 2 of the story instead of skipping all the way to Ainz appearance, I think it will be better if Ainz appearance in new world should be in act 3. If you do it this way or not, I like the thought of evileye being mentioned by ko to be his waifu and would roefer if she gets recruited before Ainz appearance and her recruited into by the 13 heroes.
12/31/2020 c7 MadnessOfDespair
Best story i have ever read. Thank you for this amazing story you cooked up!
12/30/2020 c14 demondarkking
You still alive buddy? It's been 4 months since your profile updated. Did the tendinitis clear up without complications?

Still love this fic.
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