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for Embodiment of Eldia

5/26/2022 c4 7Jumper Prime
Just found this, and wish you'd continue it. I REALLY want to see Armin tearing into Eren once the excitement is over and they're comparing notes.
Armin: "You suicidal maniac. Did you really think you could handle all three of them without us?"
Oh! If Eren has the Founder, Attack, and Warhammer titans, does that mean that Armin likewise has the Colossal?
5/21/2022 c4 ssahu72731
Aaaaaaaa,why stop here :(
It was too good. Never saw any fic where Ema travelled back in time together
3/15/2022 c4 1FenrirPeverell
vas a continuar la historia?
2/1/2022 c4 Jonathan Cardoza Sanchez
Oh pensé que solo Armin había regresado junto con Eren. Ver a Mikasa junto a ellos se me hizo genial
10/24/2021 c4 Commonanswer
Um what I love this?! Amazing story so far hope you continue this soon
9/10/2021 c4 Imperial Fisting
Please update it this has a lot of potential like I can't wait to see the warriors reaction to eren three titan powers.
7/13/2021 c4 3Mikazuki Augus1
pls continue
its a great start
will be supporting via morale
good luck
6/28/2021 c4 NxYmO
i luv this book.
thank u for making this book
5/7/2021 c3 1thomquiri
yay! very good story! I loved it and it's actually a good time travel story, you really change the plot (yes it might appear obvious in a time travel fic but 90% of the time it's not lmao). The only imperfect thing is that the story is so short, hope that you'le continue this story one day :).
4/12/2021 c4 KESO
女神の山嶺: Ah… so the "Shiganshina Trio" shall be carrying this burden… together?
3/15/2021 c4 Atacoontitan
This is so good don't leave it like this
3/10/2021 c3 damienfarrar10
Good story hope you continue
3/4/2021 c4 cc
I'm hoping this is not dead. I thought fake-young Eren was done well and his thought process seemed sufficiently calculated, but also arrogant and self-assured that it seemed to fit with how the character has shifted since the timeskip. The build up pace was steady and marching to the crescendo, and then no updates. I appreciated what you've done so far and hope you elect to continue at some point in the future.
3/3/2021 c4 1The Dark 1ne
This story has potential, in fact, I'm doing a similar one right now. I hope to see more on this
2/24/2021 c4 1iceywiener
Wow, straight up amazing
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