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11/25/2019 c13 burglover421
That is just a sad situation all the around for San but thankfully Britt is there with her and for her. Thank you for the update.
11/25/2019 c13 fate023
Thank you for the update! Love the moment with Pierce. That was heartwarming.
11/1/2019 c12 Guest
This story is beautiful, theres no other way to describe it.
11/1/2019 c12 Lisa923
Wow , so glad Santana has the support of her friends and especially the Pierce’s. Just what she needs family support, and Brittany is so good with her. Santana deserves love and glad she understands that now. Great update
11/1/2019 c12 Guest
Thank god for the Pierce’s and their friends. I hope there are consequences for what Dr Lopez did too, he doesn’t deserve to get away with it. I think the sad thing is that these adults - Dr Weber and the Pierce parents - can’t do much about it because of how powerful Dr Lopez is. They probably wouldn’t hesitate if he an average person.
11/1/2019 c12 fate023
I'm so glad that Santana have them to lean on. Her father is such a douche and I know there are parents out there who threw their children out because of who they are. Thank you for the update and good luck on your new adventure.
10/31/2019 c11 rg521
I loved Santana finally standing up to dr Lopez. Just sorry she got slapped. I thought Britt was gonna lose it for sure.
10/31/2019 c12 Guest
Bravo. This chapter brought me to tears (as did the last few). Love this story and your writing in general. Thanks for continuing to share with us.
10/31/2019 c12 snixxanator
Oh my gosh this was an emotional chapter! It was sad to see Santana pack up her life but I’m glad she has Brittany and her friends. It was so cute to hear them talk about their future together! Your writing is amazing! Good luck with the new job
10/28/2019 c11 Guest
Someone need to punch that mofo and poor excuse for a human being! How is someone like him a doctor? Good on Santana for standing up to him. Sue his ass for domestic abuse or whatever, embarrass his ass.
10/27/2019 c11 SunStarr
I love, love, love this chapter! They are so adorable together. I really like the way you write them. I love how supportive Brittany’s family is and how Santana was able to stand up to her father. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
10/26/2019 c11 Guest
Yes! What an ending to a great chapter. Let me start the slow clap and standing ovation!
10/26/2019 c10 Guest
oops that review down there was for chapter ten
10/26/2019 c11 Guest
take a shot every time the words aloof and brooding and other words used to describe them since chapter 1 is brought up lmao but no for real I get a good chuckle when I see those words in almost all the chapters. I was waiting for the moment dr lopez would come home and catch them and that made me nervous for them because damn, what an tricking asshole he is. Wouldn’t want to be a patient of a doctor who doesn’t have empathy or sympathy and compassion. Santana should really stand up to him, because she can blackmail him basically with things he wouldn’t want to get out because it’ll ruin his reputation and status. I mean child neglect, majorly homophobic, refused to have a kid as a patient due to said kid having same sex parents and it’ll definitely ruin his rep if he disowns her for whatever reason because he wouldn’t want his circle to know that his kid isn’t so perfect after all.
10/25/2019 c11 Guest
There’s got to be someone out there to call this man out for his abuse—this just shouldn’t fly. Another great chapter!
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