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for All it takes is a trio

9/6 c9 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
9/6 c9 1Sakihinata
Very nice!
Sleepy Prompto is such a cutie ;)
9/6 c9 Guest
If Shiva brought them they could always ask for a little help in the right different.

Though seriously with the Towers maybe some type of Solar Power? It stays dormant and collects energy until it's full (would take weeks of not months of they use a massive storage type Crystal) and then have it on at nights.
9/6 c8 Guest
With them altogether it would be seven... A coven...
9/6 c6 Guest
Cor - Crownsguard, Ignis - Advisor, Gladio - Kingsguard, Prompto - Magitech Scientist (maybe?), Ron - Medical, Hermione - Researcher, Harry - Defense(?).
9/6 c5 Guest
Depending on the size of the planet... And oceans, the Trio (mainly Harry and maybe Noticus) and maybe some Astrals good raise a continent (or 3) maybe even make a portal and import 'some' magicals. Like Luna, Charlie, Bill, Fleur, Neville, Teddy, and other 'neutrals' no light or dark fanatics. Oh! House-elves! And other magical species. Orphaned Magicals to. The mundanes are going to find out about the hidden communities so best to save the innocent.
9/6 c9 fraidykat
Very nice to hear you are doing good now no more being sick or going to the hospital, do you understand me young lady! : )
Great chapter I wanted you to work on this when I first read it but people move on from things. Thank you. Iris is going to beat the crap out of Gladio when she hears about things. Stay well and safe.
Thank you,
9/6 c9 Jostanos
Omake: "Hi, Iris. *ahem* I was tempted to say: "No.. I'm Cadet Matsuo 'Sylt' Shun.", but I don't think that he'd appreciate it."
A voice not too far behind Iris exclaims "You're darned right I wouldn't appreciate it, Noctis. Daaang! The last time I saw you was before the evacuation.."

*sighs* Matsuo won't be making any more appearances for awhile.
9/6 c9 abeorth
thanks for the chapter made my day, that this story come back so to speak. great that your fine and healthy.
5/20 c8 Sakihinata
Great crossover ;)
3/27 c8 krzys2000
Great chapter as always.
Update as soon as you can manage!
I Hope that this will be Harry/Noctis story.
2/2 c8 PheonixQueen15
Awesome chapter!
2/2 c8 Jostanos
What is going on with Gladio? Has being thawed out and de-aged scrambled his mind?
Has he always been like this?

I'd have Matsuo show up and slap Gladio telling him to "SNAP OUT OF IT!", but.. now is not the time for that.
2/2 c8 abeorth
thanks for the chapter great that they finally talked with each other suspension is killing me cant wait for the next chapter
2/1 c8 vampireharry the 2
Wonderful chapter! Looking forward to more!
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