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for Devotion - Story of the Oracle and her Shield

6/28/2020 c31 1darkpaladin89

*pours Bahamut a glass of strychnine*
6/28/2020 c30 darkpaladin89
...I'd throw her out at 30,000 feet for that one. XD

Altissia awaits... *gulp*
6/28/2020 c29 darkpaladin89

...She had the emperor's grandchild? Is that canon?

What the shit?!
6/28/2020 c28 darkpaladin89
What did they want this tear for again?
6/28/2020 c27 darkpaladin89
*pours Squall some grog*

Ugh. Piss off, Ardyn.
6/28/2020 c26 darkpaladin89
If he only knew why she was doing it...
6/28/2020 c25 darkpaladin89
...Oh. She assumed she would get Noctis. Damn.
6/28/2020 c24 darkpaladin89
Well, shit. This complicates things.
6/28/2020 c23 darkpaladin89
Welp. Here goes nothing.
6/28/2020 c22 darkpaladin89
Aranea is gud bean. :3

Huh. He screwed up in the FF8 timeline?
6/28/2020 c21 darkpaladin89
That was too close.

...Spoke too soon.
6/28/2020 c20 darkpaladin89
Squall's terminal case of CRS is really inconvenient at present...
6/28/2020 c19 darkpaladin89
So what would that make Noct?
6/28/2020 c18 darkpaladin89
And now they must become gauchos.
6/28/2020 c13 darkpaladin89
Hard choices...
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