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11/9 c4 1AadenHelan
i like this one better than the Ban one
11/1 c4 NarutoGoldenT
10/26 c4 Visual Bliss
Why does every girl think escanor is made of glass lol if anything they should worry about themselves
10/26 c1 Visual Bliss
I still think hinata is retarded for 'liking' Naruto or rather Escanor... I can't remember where it was said but whenever I think about the Naruto x Hinata pairing I think of the quote "Admiration is the furthest thing from understanding" I think it was someone from bleach who said it ...I'm not certain about that though
10/22 c4 Nicketje02
10/10 c4 Danirodriguez1995
Please continue, the story is very good, do not give up, please, a story that the truth has no comparison. I can tell you since I am a fan of this type of stories and the truth is unmatched.
9/24 c4 Xenozip
This story is kind of a mess, Satsuki wasn't even in the story in chapter 1, Fem Kyuubi's name went from Kurami to Kurama, Naruto was still an academy student in chapter 1 when he left at 11 years old, yet you have the group refer to how Naruto completed missions, and judging by all the people who he had as friends, he had it WAY better than canon Naruto, having a loving mother and twin sister as well, quite frankly I find it hard to find a reason Naruto would actually leave in this situation, the summary states he was mistreated and ignored, yet in the story he easily protects his sister from harm effortlessly, suggesting he was properly trained and not ignored.

It's like you've tried to combine Canon abuse Naruto with Gary Stu Naruto, but it fails because of the above mentioned points.
9/24 c4 Guest
when are you going to update again i would like to read more on god above gods
9/24 c4 Guest
Good to see you updating again, looking forward to seeing Naruto/Escanor having more opportunities flex his power.
9/24 c4 Elchabon
Great chapter, thanks for the update.
Very good the new harem.
I'm already looking forward to seeing how you continue to develop relationships between the characters.
Greetings and keep it up.
9/24 c4 SPark681
Nice chapter wonder what's next anyways keep up the great work!
9/23 c4 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and how the fights will go
9/23 c4 AshuraNoKami
Why did you keep switching from him Naruto and Escanor? When no ody but the sins should know his name? Also it feel like you down played and weakened Escanor he is someone who never in his life lost a battle or was ever injured in one before he joined the Sins and fought Meliodas that was his first and mainly only defeat. And even the Demon King struggled against him when he was in The One and The One Ultimate. The Demon King a being who could destroy the world. The only Naruto characters with that ability besides Canon Naruto and Sasuke; are the Otsutsuki and even then they have to eat the Shinju Fruit to do it. So unfortunately for me in the end this was a dissapointing chapter. I'll probably give it one more chapter before I decide if its worth it too keep on reading it.
9/23 c4 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent update and work with cliffhanger ending
9/23 c4 Ryu wolf
Awesome job with this chapter
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