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for I Am Going To Take Up Drinking

5/12 c7 Dreamingdreams2007
Those poor chickens (laughing), I would watch him bury it too. Oh I bet that Red would make it hard for you to catch her Jess to even attempt that, plus I can see her being very crafty too.

I really enjoyed this story of yours. I hope some day you'll write another story with them all in it.

Thanks for sharing it with us!
5/12 c6 Dreamingdreams2007
As the punishment continues and Jess manages to make an escape (laughing so hard about that). Poor Slim I bet he feels very picked on. Even if he doesn't remember the broom that was broken on his backside.

I bet they wouldn't appreciate it if they knew Maxwell got well feed and they got really badly made food for breakfast.

This is a hilarious story!
5/12 c5 Dreamingdreams2007
Oh yes Ms Daisy is very mad...(laughing) the way she described what Jess and Slim sounds like was priceless.

Jess should've known she would be mad about the spurs being bragged across her floor especially when she became upset again after noticing the mud he tracked in. But hindsight is a beautiful thing (more laughter), especially when she decides to use the business end of it on Slim.(lol) That poor broom did nothing to deserve that.

Jess and Slim should feel lucky it wasn't more than that. And that she is even willing to feed them in the morning.

On to the next chapter!
5/12 c4 Dreamingdreams2007
(laughing) If Daisy somehow managed to sleep through all that I'd be amazed. They probably could wake the dead with all that noise.

Whoops how you get discovered by someone you aren't ment to be seen by. Hopefully Jess doesn't find the manual that Maxwell stuck in his saddlebags. I bet that would be one mind boggling read for him.

Ouch well at least Slim didn't throw again from his middle meeting the hitching post.

Another great and funny chapter!
5/12 c3 Dreamingdreams2007
(laughing)Wow how you corrupt your innocent temporary guardian angel. Get the angel to drinking in a saloon where they also have soiler doves working, the a little more drinking on the way home, and add in dirty type limerick song into it. And yep I believe that corrupt one innocent guardian angel. Who may or may not get himself caught.

(more laughter) Sure you'll give up drinking Jess as soon as the horses suddenly like you all throwing up in there corrals that is.

Love the dialogue to this one, I laugh a lot over it. Thanks for that! Great chapter!
5/12 c2 Dreamingdreams2007
Wow I bet he will have one major headache come morning. Especially since it was already giving him trouble getting up and standing.
I love that Mort gave the cheat a choice and what Slim did to him.
Great chapter!
5/11 c1 Dreamingdreams2007
Oh poor Maxwell...maybe they should consider someone else to cover for Jess original guardian angel.
But it does make you wonder what he is up to that he needs more days to have it all set.
Hopefully the other chapters will explain that.
5/21/2022 c7 Badger 2022
The phrase "I laughed 'til I cried" fits nicely here.

Please, more Adventures of Maxwell!

And Daisy!

And Velociraptor Red!
7/14/2021 c6 Peggy
This was a fun story.
5/8/2021 c6 6PDCr2O3
This breakfast. Laughed so much. The oatmeal - absolutely marvelous! Reminded me of the Cream of Wheat my father used to make; then the lumps - perfection.
Wonderful story.
11/11/2020 c1 Fallfan
Love the angel tales
10/5/2020 c1 Nakoosay
This was such a joy to read. I only stopped smiling when I laughed.
12/10/2019 c1 1Roxellee
I enjoyed ythis story, light-hearted and humorous! The drunken slurred talk was great! I am wondering what happened to the blue book Maxwell put in Jess's saddlebag? I was waiting for Eli to ping Maxwell on his ring and scold him for becoming visible & boozing it up. These reviewers and I are begging for THE ADVENTURES OF MAXWELL series. Here goes a suggestion to tie up these loose ends: Maxwell forgot to return the blue book...It goes missing from the saddlebag. He has 48 ours to get it back into Eli's hands. Max needs Jess's help recovering it. Eli allows Max to be human (sans wings) retaining his powers but can only use his angelic powers 3 times only. Thanks for a cute story.
9/13/2019 c7 2Elise Deschat
Loved the story...hope to see more of our wayward guardian angel, amazed the ring is not going off
9/2/2019 c7 Sheila
I just re-read and laughed out loud more than once! Thank you for a look at the lighter side of the men (plus Maxwell) at the Sherman Ranch. Most enjoyable!
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