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11/22/2021 c2 18Alinyaalethia
Lots of lovely lines. The one that sticks is about relationship measured by shirts with days but there are others. The blood like jam, remember the bread...

Some glorious onomatopoeic stuff too, with the carrking gulls and the rhythmic pound of the bread. Both perfectly rendered.

I love the tone of this, too. There’s a constantly observed tension between what the women had and what they must make do with and what they wish they still could have, and you never let it slip. It makes for a gorgeous and immersive read.

Then you have these little moments of intimacy that puncture their carefully observed life. I just adore the op-Ed feel of Avonlea erroneously assumed that the tragedy of Marilla’s life was that she lost John Blythe. And it follows perfectly on the first aid scene, which has s hint of the intimate to it but as we see later is really about so much more than sexual love.

The scene while the bread bakes escalated that nicely, not least because there’s all kinds of opportunity for word-play by association there. Love that it is all a bit darker because the women take the time together.

And the ending. Don’t talk of guilt might be the least Presbyterian thing ever but since this establishes Marilla’s outer persona as just that, I find it perfect. And I just love that they’re able to get a bit of a laugh in over neighbourly ministrations. They have most definitely earned that!
11/22/2021 c2 McFishie
I was struck in the first section with how Rachel reacted to Marilla tending her finger. Yes, thre was teh initial sensual pleasure but this goes deeper. This speaks to a busy woman being seen and cared for. You can imagine how busy her life is and while I'm sure Thomas and the 10 children appreciate her, there don't see her as a person or give her the time to be cared for herself.
I think if I'd read this a few years ago, I would have seen it as a story of love found, lost and then found again. Reading it now, I see it as a story of hte importance of being true to yourself and findnig a life that is meaningful for you, regardless of the what those around you may think should be your path. There is a natural communion between these two. A shared caring and understanding that results in mutual caring for each other, sexually but also in a very human way, that is quite beautiful.
8/15/2019 c1 Alinyaalethia
I enjoy the way the two scenes weave together. And you do a good job spinning canon off in a different direction while keeping it plausible. The Jam is a fun reworking if the domesticality we typically associate with both women, too. Though I cannot imagine that sand is comfortable for purpose!
8/6/2019 c1 14elizasky
I really enjoyed the way you juxtaposed these two scenes, undercutting Rachel's misunderstanding about whether women could live together with the canon circumstances of their shared household. That was cleverly done, and I liked that you did not belabor things. The overheard conversation was also excellent - "rub along" indeed.

Another thing I particularly enjoyed was that the men don't really get names in this story (one passing reference to Thomas, but in the beach scene they are only "him" and vague amalgams of voices and hair. That really keeps the focus on Rachel and Marilla. Their partnership and affection is lovely and fits perfectly well with canon, which is very satisfying.

Always glad to see more f/f on here! Though between the eggs and the jam, I am never eating breakfast with you.
8/6/2019 c1 23dreamfandomist
This is a beautiful and skilfully written story about the deep connection between these characters that is subtly portrayed in the tv series. This story has explored the relationship between Rachel and Marilla where the viewers have felt that "there was more to it." Well done!
8/5/2019 c1 3AnneWithAnEStory
"She and old Marilla Cuthbert have always rubbed along more or less" ...how right that person was. Lol. Though I'm not sure this is quite what they had in mind when they said 'rubbed along'. LOL

I know someone else already said this but I liked the part about the corsets, it just was nicely worded writing. But also it kind of shows how grown up they really are at this point in the story- that they are adults past that time of being excited by getting to wear grown up lady clothes, they are adult enough now not to be enchanted by that anymore.
Which also likely means they are grown up enough that this relationship isn't just 'young people exploring' but is probably more like how they really do feel. And since they really do feel that way, then it's sad that they don't exist in a time where they could do what they want.
8/4/2019 c1 12MrsVonTrapp
I certainly hope mavors gets to read this, eventually, knowing her own fondness (or at least her Gilbert's) for imaginative use of condiments. Is this yet another foodstuff I won't be able to face anymore?!

This is also a pairing that was probably inevitable, given how comfortably you write these two characters together, and does much to explain why they didn't come to blows living together in canon!

There is your signature sauciness here (see what I did there?!) but also some beautifully atmospheric and sensual phrasing, and I love the idea that the jam becomes symbol and shared joke down through the years. Those corsets, too, were nicely observed as once longed-for rites of passage, now "recognised for the instruments of torture they were" and the metaphorical allusion to Marilla and Rachel having to "lace" themselves into the restrictive social expectations of the time as they laced themselves back in - and boots, and everything else! - really hit home x
8/4/2019 c1 6DrinkThemIn
Ooofta! Hot! ;)
8/4/2019 c1 4OriginalMcFishie
Nicely done. Love the connection between Rachelp and Marilla

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