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14h c7 Damon Phillips
hmm who knew all might was M.
11/26 c23 IslandStorm13
Listen. I made an account just to follow this story. If that doesn't tell you how awesome this is then IDK what will. Please please please make more of this! It's great!
11/9 c23 2Multiverse Hermit
Holy Hot Tamales! HaHaHa! This was Meravigliosa! I'm definitely keeping this Earth in my daily check up!
11/3 c23 7Ohma flame
Nezu v Batman: the ultimate game of chess
11/2 c7 2ErisFootWorshipper
Yagi-san, what the actual f*ck?
10/31 c23 PhoenixDragon90
Story is quite interesting and funny.
Will follow and see where this goes.
Keep Up The Good Work!
Thanks For The Meal.
Till Next Time!
Stay Safe.
10/30 c23 Wizlov3R
oh no all might
10/30 c23 superpierce
why can't J'onn just disguise himself as a human?
10/30 c23 valenzuelavictor.rex
ah someone tell me where to find Ao3 please
10/30 c23 231gunman
A bit shorter than expected but a good read.
Jonn could just shapeshift into a regular human. And is Inko the tall and slim version or is she the slightly-overweight version? I'm guessing the latter, but I'm not sure Jonn would care that much on physical appearance.
And I truly wonder why the League and Pro-Heroes are at odds with each other.
Though I could guess.
Nice work.
Write on.
10/29 c13 goten lssjb
in twelve chapters deku went from a nervous wreck to a chad
10/29 c23 Phoenix
This is super good and I'm so glad you're back and I hope you're doing well and thanks for the update. And I can't wait until you're able to write and post another chapter
10/29 c23 linx007
To quote Piccolo "And the prodigal asshole returns"! Nice to see an update for this story and I can't wait for more.
10/28 c23 Rebmul
i look forward to him choosing a hero name and midnight ignoring it and going captain pimp it is I "midnight no" " midnight yes"
10/28 c23 NyaNyaKittyFace
LMFAO Superman you fucking coward!
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