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for Dreams of a Distant God

8/19 c1 TripleF
This... is incredible. From start to finish, all of them always seemed very in-character to me. Too bad the bridge bunnies didn't show up either, but this is about Shinji and Asuka primarily, so yeah... Though that bit about the two suns not being possible in the Milky Way confused me.
I'm really glad you wrote and published this. Thank you.
8/13 c1 dude
Everything about this fic is great, but the most impressive aspect to me, personally, is the characterization/dialogue. It honestly felt like an extension of the canon material.

Good work, and please continue to write fanfiction when the feeling takes you.
8/13 c1 Guest
I'm tempted to write a long ass review, but I'm ultimately too lazy, so how about this; this is insanely good, and if you ever get good ideas for fanfiction you should continue to act upon it.
8/9 c1 2ateht
i don't really know what to say right now. i'm sitting here, in bed, at midnight, trying to process what i just read. that... was absolutely fucking awesome from start to finish. every character was spot on, and the epilogue was INSANE. this is definitely the first time the whole "it was a dream all along" thing has worked for me, because reading "14022" filled me with such an indescribable feeling of dread. the whole story was just so surreal. my only criticism is that this wasn't sectioned into chapters, and was instead a 40k word wall of text, but that's a pretty small issue. sorry if this review is really backwards and incoherent, i'm pretty tired. i guess, all i wanna say is, i'll be counting the seconds till your next fic, if you continue writing. fantastic work.
8/7 c1 Archer B Kastner
this shit is legit
8/6 c1 58chemicalflashes
I don't have words. I suppose I'm not good with them. I just want to say that this is a marvelous piece of art, and as someone who themselves is writing a dissertation, I think the time you spent on this was really, really, REALLY spent well. I love this. Like you, I feel something is 'off' with many post-third impact fics out there and this was such a good read. You have managed to not only indulge yourself but me too. I was drawn into the story right off with the first like and the cookie dough metaphor. Post-Third Impact fics are my favourite fics and yours is probably one of my most loved ones now. Thank you for writing and sharing this with us. I feel blessed.
8/5 c1 Wallguy
Tldr: the fanfic was amazing, a good read. come here for good characterization and story. One hell of a rollercoaster ride of emotion. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who likes to read Eva fics.

Initially I was intrigued by the mysterious summary and not to mention the unusually high word count and was surprised by what I was reading. I’ve seen many Eva fanfics over the years and I can say for certain that this fic is very quickly becoming one my all time favorites.

Throughout the fanfic there were many aspects that I thought was brilliantly done. Not only did the characters feel like their show counterparts but I also felt that you’ve captured the “spirit” of Evangelion and the atmosphere just felt right as if it just seems to fit right into the universe of Evangelion. I would also like to praise you on your unique story and underlying message as well as I found them both brilliantly done. I won’t spoil it for anyone but it since that part of the story onwards it was a rollercoaster ride of emotion, with everything from dread, anxiety, sadness to even happiness. In the end I also came to the same conclusion as Rei had and I thought that the message was very bittersweet and felt just so real to me as if it were an actual episode of Eva.

This section contains some spoilers.
I wanted to gush about the ending a bit since I thought that it was very well done. Everything from Rei’s message about what is real happiness to Shinji and Asuka coming to terms with themselves. At first I thought that the story was going to indeed end as you had originally intended but with this new ending I think that it was also great choice, not only are we given an ending with closure (but also leaves some room for the imagination about what comes after) the ending felt very EoE-esque in a way, even though the world they are in is bleak it is certain that there is hope in their world.

Before I finish I would like to apologize if this review didn’t really make sense at all and was just me happily gushing over it but I am genuinely moved by this fic, everything from the atmosphere, the story and the characters just felt so right and I can’t give you enough credit for it. Even after finishing it in one go it kept nagging at the back of my mind throughout the day telling me to just go out and tell everyone how damn good it was. Before I go I would like to thank you the author of this fanfic for writing this wonderful piece it was truly a good read. That’s enough rambling from me I’ve already talked way too much. Peace out.

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