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for SCP Gacha System In A Cultivation World

1/15 c144 11AcausalTrilby
I think you've got the essence of most xianxia stories. Ninety percent of all the cultivators are always evolutionary dead-ends. Man you just don't see that level of prodigious stupidity outside of the genre. I forgot just how much death there is because people start murdering each other for absolutely no reason.

Keep up the good work.
1/8 c141 2Draedon's Forge
Organization building is fun. :)

Keep up the good work.
1/8 c141 TheOne64
I can't wait for the development of this idea. I feel like Hu Tao's sub group will be butting heads with Lei's sub group. Maybe Bing will luck out and gain some really strong members, or some with high potential.
1/8 c141 11AcausalTrilby
I really liked this chapter. Not much more to say.
1/1 c82 dragon slayer of death 98
are you gonna keep having jing look plain or is she going to refine herself again and make her look sexy, since beauty is a weapon, and she is not trying to be inconspicuous any more, maybe give bigger breasts and a shapely ass, maybe make her skin milk chocolate or caramel, instead of mud brown
1/1 c75 dragon slayer of death 98
are xun, bo fai, and mellie going to team up like jings group
1/1 c73 dragon slayer of death 98
i kind of like liuxian, i'm rooting for him, i hope jing gives him a weapon and he and xian hong get together, i don't like tang
1/1 c49 dragon slayer of death 98
is scp 103 from the epic ticket jing got from hu tao 100 loyalty
12/31/2020 c24 dragon slayer of death 98
for some reason i like hu tao, maybe because he's the same kind of character as zaraki kenpachi in bleach, battle maniacs, who don't hold grudges and just want a good fight where they could die if they aren't careful
12/29/2020 c137 2Draedon's Forge
Hu Tao has a backstory now! Keep it up!
12/28/2020 c136 Draedon's Forge
SCP-682, huh? Interesting.

Keep it up but remember to not burn yourself out. This fic is very enjoyable and I hope that more people can read it.

Have a good day!
12/28/2020 c136 Overlord-addict
682 isn’t that the...? Oh shit, this is gonna be a suicide mission isn’t it?
12/9/2020 c13 KiriHibiko
To sum up this story up to this point: inconsistency, unstable and dumb MC(tries to stay low-key, when she enslaved the other dude and forced him to kill in the first part?!), too many side-character-bullshit stories, hot-pot of cliches, MC wastes opportunities for no reason, etc...

The only good thing I can see about this story is Li Li, the little owlet.
The rest is basically crap. The author tried to mix every cliche he could into the story and dump a system on top of it, with some psychopath as the MC. I don‘t have anything against evil or dark MCs, in fact I prefer them, but this one behaves like some edgy wannabe-puppet-master for no good reason, when she can‘t even see simply reason. I mean if no elder noticed her actions in the first part of the story that is just a blatant flaw, but nothing new in these stories, but for none of these super-powered cultivators to see through her act is basically impossible without massive plot-amour.
12/2/2020 c16 BlackStarMage
I've looked up scp-914, and I haven't found anything against this, but is there something preventing the MC from refining something multiple times? I mean, she could refine the manual twice (once on very fine, then again on rough), so is it only different options (rough, course, etc.) or is the author just ignoring this possibility to ridiculously strong within a few hours? Please inform me if there's some other reason though, because I didn't explore scp-914 very in-depth, so I could totally be wrong.
12/2/2020 c6 BlackStarMage
lol this mc is meeting a ton of people who would totally be the MC's of their own novels if she wasn't there.
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