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for A Howler from Hogsmeade

4/17 c5 Love Hermione
So good ! Cute Hugo !
8/17/2020 c5 108otherrealmwriter
Teachers like Binns is why more people aren't more interested in history (See the many accounts of people learning more history for Hetalia than school, which should say something...) It's so interesting when you start learning more and more about it beyond what your Binns teachers and textbooks say.

Rant on poor teaching techniques of history aside, this was funny.
8/17/2020 c5 hisnhers
Awww. He tried! I'd say Hugo deserves an 'A' for Effort, but an A at Hogwarts isn't very good... so... O for Effort! lol!

These are cute. And that's saying something considering I don't like Romione at. all. Thank goodness this is about Hugo. However, you do make the Romione cute in this series of one-shots. Kudos for that!

Waves! Until next time!

8/16/2020 c5 24Tonirae
I want to know the history of dragons. I would stay more awake then.
Good for Hugo!
8/16/2020 c5 137Invader Johnny
Hugo sure isn't the best student but he's not the worst either, heh.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
3/1/2020 c4 54x. Chaotic Bisexual Dumbass .x
This is super cute. I love Hugo Weasley (he's easily my favourite of the next gen). I imagined my fanciest for Hugo as I read these past four chapters, and his personality really matches what I envision.

Thumbs up! ~Lilly
2/17/2020 c4 5Bgrangerweasley
Nice one! I like the name Hugo had chosen for the dog. It was hilarious!
2/12/2020 c4 46Maran Zelde
Hugo: But you said I could have anything I wanted!

Ron: You know what? You can have a dog after all.

Hugo: What about Rose's allergies?

Ron: It'll be fine, Hugo! They have medications for that!
2/10/2020 c4 108otherrealmwriter
This was so funny. you're going to have to be specific Ron, your son knows how to play you
2/9/2020 c4 Guest
Oh my goodness I freaking love it! I couldn't stop laughing once I read what type of pet Hugo got!
2/8/2020 c4 Guest
I enjoyed this story, thank you.
2/8/2020 c4 hisnhers
Oh. my. wooooord! Ron must really, seriously, unbelievably love his kids. poor man... giggle.

I do understand. Spiders, snakes and cockroaches are what make me squeamish. shudders. My daughter? The more creepy, crawly it is the more she adores it. She's nearly 30... think this phase might be permanent. Thank goodness she and her hubby live elsewhere.

2/8/2020 c4 137Invader Johnny
Having a spider on his house is Ron's biggest fear oh boy, it's a terrible irony for him that of all the animals Hugo would've wanted as a pet, a spider would have been his choice.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
1/13/2020 c3 Guest
haha these are all brilliant
1/11/2020 c3 24Tonirae
Oh, these are funny. I really like this Hugo. hehehe
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