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for A Howler from Hogsmeade

2/10/2020 c4 109otherrealmwriter
This was so funny. you're going to have to be specific Ron, your son knows how to play you
2/9/2020 c4 Guest
Oh my goodness I freaking love it! I couldn't stop laughing once I read what type of pet Hugo got!
2/8/2020 c4 Guest
I enjoyed this story, thank you.
2/8/2020 c4 hisnhers
Oh. my. wooooord! Ron must really, seriously, unbelievably love his kids. poor man... giggle.

I do understand. Spiders, snakes and cockroaches are what make me squeamish. shudders. My daughter? The more creepy, crawly it is the more she adores it. She's nearly 30... think this phase might be permanent. Thank goodness she and her hubby live elsewhere.

2/8/2020 c4 138Invader Johnny
Having a spider on his house is Ron's biggest fear oh boy, it's a terrible irony for him that of all the animals Hugo would've wanted as a pet, a spider would have been his choice.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
1/13/2020 c3 Guest
haha these are all brilliant
1/11/2020 c3 24Tonirae
Oh, these are funny. I really like this Hugo. hehehe
9/8/2019 c3 5Bgrangerweasley
Poor Hugo! But it was so much fun.
8/30/2019 c3 hisnhers
Rofl! Very cute.

8/30/2019 c2 hisnhers

8/29/2019 c3 Hermy365
Is Freddy Percy's secret son? He's ten and he's reading the Daily Prophet and speaking like a dictionary.
By the way, your Hugo is so cute as always.
8/29/2019 c3 109otherrealmwriter
Oh this was funny. Being short really sucks at times
8/29/2019 c3 Calindy
You're funny. And evil. Please keep doing this.
8/29/2019 c3 138Invader Johnny
Good things come to those who wait, that being said Hugo really should've waited for a growth spurt and save himself a trip to the hospital... Oh boy.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
8/29/2019 c2 1Niel2804
hahahhaha Cute Hugo, i can imagine him being curious Ravenclaw XD
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