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for Highschool DxD: Return of the Sith

5/6 c11 4SupremeDarkTrooper
Ah, so it's finally finished. I was wondering if the focus of the next story is still around the Sith or it would be another group from Star Wars?
4/14 c9 SupremeDarkTrooper
Hmm... It's been months, that you didn't update for a story. I blame this on Covid-19 for that. I hope you aren't infected by it. Anyway. Damn, ExE, I didn't expect them to appear. I do heard that they are crazy powerful by their universe's standards. Although, considering that Bane actually beat the crap out of Melvazoa it had been like more than twenty generations of Sith Lords, Both Plagueis and Tenebrous would be even more than both Darth Bane and Darth Zannahh. The two of them would pretty much solo the DxD universe if they wanted to do so. Well, the Force is an omnipresent energy field that governs everything, reality, fate, space, time, and etc.

So, Samael's curse is the only thing that ever close to actually kill them, damn. Although, I do think that Tenebrous must have adapt to the poison and even got stronger by the near-death experience. As for the Great Red's special ability or even Ajuka's kankara formula. I do think the reason why they don't stomp everyone is because they lack raw power, sure they're extremely skilled with it, but skill can only let you go so far. Tenebrous or Plagueis raw power in the Force could use those abilities to even a greater extent.

Fate manipulation is something powerful Force-Users can do as well. Death is a fixed point in time and space in the Star War's universe. Not unlike fixed events in history like in Doctor Who. That always happen no matter what. Which is why it is so hard to defy the natural order, and bring the dead back. Darth Plagueis, and Darth Sidious finding a way around that messed with it big time

Taken from Darth Plagueis:

*The dispersal of midi-chlorians at the moment of physical death was, for lack of a better term, inexorable. Analogous to his fated confrontation with the Woebegone crew, the moment of death appeared to be somehow fixed in space and time. According to his Sith education, since Captain Lah and the others had been in some sense dead from the moment Plagueis’s gaze had alighted on the freighter, it followed that the midi-chlorians that resided in alleged symbiosis with them must have been preparing to be subsumed into the reservoir of life energy that was the Force long before Plagueis had stowed away. His attempts to save them—to prolong that state of symbiosis—were comparable to using a sponge to dam a raging river.*

*His election seven years earlier had been one of the signs Plagueis had been waiting for—the return to power of a Valorum—and had followed on the heels of a remarkable breakthrough Plagueis and Sidious had engineered in manipulating midi-chlorians. A breakthrough the Muun had described as “galactonic.” Both of them suspected that the Jedi had sensed it as well, light-years distant on Coruscant.*

*Only the Sith understood that sentient life was on the verge of a transformative leap; that through the manipulation of midi-chlorians—or the overthrow of the Forceful group that supervised them—the divide between organic life and the Force could be bridged, and death could be erased from the continuum.*

In order to beat back death. You have to contend with the force directly. Heck, Palpatine had even entered into the hell of Star Wars and pretty much escaped from it.

*Palpatine's body was destroyed. Separated from his clones, Palpatine was forced to survive in the maddening, bodiless existence of the void. Through sheer will he retained his identity, crossing the gulf of space to again take up residence in his clone body.*

-The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Take note of that single word "void". Chaos is the name for the hell of Star Wars. Chaos also takes the another name known as the "The Void". This means that Sidious must have forcibly been dragged into hell and with his sheer will power. He prety much escaped from Hell.

In fact, one of the Emperor’s Dark Side Adepts, Nefta, states that Palpatine could be trapped in the Netherworld of the Force for a thousand years, indicating that he believes Palpatine could escape on his own one day.

*“We had to do it, Sedriss… Palpatine is trapped in the Netherworld-he could be there for a thousand years!”*

-Nefta, Dark Empire II

I must say, that's a brutal showing of the dark side, but then, again, it's the dark side. It reminds me of Momin from the Darth Vader comics. Where Momin believed that the dark side is the only worthy audience who would appreacite his extremely dark artworks. Well, true art must elicit emotions and well the artworks made our of dead corpses, entrails, and the likes would pretty much elicit the emotions of the dark side. That's pretty much Plagueis did. He showed them the nature of the dark side through bloody and disgusting art.

Also, I'd wonder if there's a sequel to this or would you make Sith-related Crossover fanfics. I'd wanted to see more Sith-related Crossover fanfics. I completely wanted to see a thread of fanfics just like this one. If there's even a sequal to this. I do think it would be pretty much Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. Two of the most powerful and infamous Sith Lords within the history of Star Wars. You know what, Sidious could just solo the entire DxD universe with a Force Storm while he scream "UNLIMITED POWER!" It would be freaking hilarous.
1/24 c7 2Mirrors Cracked And Broken
I love how friendly they are with each other
10/29/2019 c4 4SupremeDarkTrooper
Not that surprising. There's a comic (I don't know the name of the comic) in which Plagueis had somehow exploded a red star with his midichlorian manipulation. The way I see it. It could be a side-effect. Also said midichlorian manipulation had increased the amounts of Force sensitives being born based on the same comic.
9/14/2019 c2 3halokid40
I remember reading that Darth Plagueis essay some time ago, but I will need to look back at it to refresh my memory. I'm not entirely sure if I ever read the Banite Scaling one, I will search that one up as well.
9/10/2019 c2 4SupremeDarkTrooper
Finally! I have been waiting for this story to be updated.

I love to see a trend of fanfictions like this appearing. The stories in which the Sith go to another world and do what he/she could do with that world, I love those kinds of stories and more of it. Well, more specifically Sith going to anime worlds. I wanted to see someone writing a story where a Sith stumbling upon the world of the Seven Deadly Sins or Nanatsu No Taizai. It would be truly awesome. Albeit, I wanted also to see the Galactic Empire or the Sith Empire invading primitive worlds and dominate them like the fanfic Falling Shadows.

Also, I do think it's better to read up The Ultimate Darth Plagueis essay on KMC and Quantifying Banite scaling on Comicvines. Those two are great works by Azronger especially the former, in which a user said about that the Banite Sith are truly the superiors of the ancient Sith by the fact that the Ancient Sith mostly focused on doing rituals, spells, and etc to increase their own power meanwhile that the later Banite Sith like Darth Plagueis had tried to tap into the very source code of the Force like what Neo did in The Matrix which could allow them to warp reality and etc.
9/9/2019 c2 alertpoet91
Fantastic Chapter!
8/6/2019 c1 SupremeDarkTrooper
I see the sequel is about Darth Tenebrous and Darth Plagueis. I do think those two would be gobbling as much knowledge on the magic of Highschool DxD and try to create Force-based variants of that said magic. The Banite Sith in this timeline would be much more powerful than the original timeline. There's no hope for the "Light" of the Star Wars galaxy, Sidious would have an easy time conquering the entire universe.

Anyway, I' m interested in the story.

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