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8/9 c10 2Reclusive Dork
I imagine Endeavor disowning Shoto for this, and Shoto actually being happier for it, and getting a job at a tea shop.
8/2 c10 1Aurelius - Rivensbane
Now that you point it out, I have no idea why Aizawa allowed Todoroki to essentially, yeah, half-ass the thing
7/13 c10 36shadowwriter329
wow...I am impressed. I just found this yesterday and I am interested in how crazy you are making events. Kill Izuku and Mei saving him was a twist I can believe and what happens to his family and friends afterwards is interesting. All Might working with Inko in her movement before she found out was nice as well as be in on the secret. Mei getting an agreement with Momo to work together was a nice touch and I fear what kind of insanity they can make together.

Mei taking the hero exam to help Izuku was a nice twist and how they completely turned on its head was a good laugh. even Mic trying to salvage it with the 'Survive!' was a good laugh until they wrecked that test too. I did like how you showed the remaining students working together to make a base where they can 'survive' and if it was anything but the Zero Pointer I think they would have a decent chance plus it showed the teachers how well they can work together when they need to.

of course, what happened afterwards with the interviews was interesting and showed how and why the hero classes are mixed up. it gives a reason besides the author wanting to. I did have a laugh with Midnight wanting to dock points from Bakugo even if she was denied.

and of course the stunt you just pulled. you sir (or ma'am) have the balls to expel Todoroki before the first day even and show not everyone is going to put up with his vow. I have seen others besides Izuku helping him or trying to help him but I think this is the first time I have ever see him get expelled by Aizawa. if there are other stories that did I haven't seen them because it sounds like you are going through with it. I can't wait to see that aftermath and what you have in store for us.
7/8 c10 Ricee
definitely a good story, feel like the class changes effect alot more further down in the story line, if you ever make it that far. considering the pace you have made it dosent look like you will.
6/9 c10 Guest
I can imagine
todorokis dad screaming his name in the other end of the field its kinda sad shoto is gone but I respect youre opinion, this is your story not the readers
6/9 c4 Guest
When katsuki said creepy scarecrow I thought it was overhaul, then I heard the name toshiniro and, while processing who he was, the back of my head kept screaming " its allmight dumbass" then my head started killing me because of how stupid I was anyways this is the best fanfiction I ever read
5/1 c10 Travis S
You have balls and thank you for doing something crazy.
4/26 c10 CloudyNight96
Checked the anime manga and official& Unofficial websites. All agree he is ice on the right and fire on the left represented by his hair. He does primarily use his right foot for his cold but that is due to needing contact with something to properly use his ice. He does show himself using his right hand during the battle practice and against Ida in the sports festival.
4/20 c2 RunOnSentences
Who is the momo!? She’s not the sweetheart we’ve all come to know and love!
4/16 c10 25Lix231
Acually its good you expelled him. I nean what would Todoroku do if he faces a villian that has a even stringer Ice Quirk them him? He would be toyally screwd.
4/16 c10 6Zimzimgar
Oh I love it. Not only the ingenious way Shinso came first without any competition, but also that Aizawa just straight up expelled Todoroki. Can‘t wait for more.
4/16 c10 40colinot
In fact I've always seen him use his ice with his right foot (even though he's already amplified the spread with unconnected movement of his right hand) and fire with his left arm.
4/16 c10 Guest
Huh, that's really neat, and hilarious. Nice on Shinsou.
What about Todoroki?
...oh shit.
Oh shit!
I'm so fuckin' hyped my dude! That was... I cant even... huhbwah!?
Great! Keep it up!
4/15 c10 chunnin33
Change is good. At least this way you're absolutely unique within the fandom!
4/15 c10 Rebmul
well he wont get a second chance endeavor is probably gonna make him disappear for his little sob story causing him to get expelled
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