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4/15 c10 Reptil
Love how Shinzo had the balls to use his quirk on aizawa amazing
4/15 c10 1scout360pyro
Huh, straight up expel Shoto...
Was the entire point of this chapter to engineer a believable reason for Aizawa to expel him by eliminating every other weak link that could draw his wrath?
4/15 c10 Guest
Finally someone who has noticed that dang thing and put it into a fanfic. No half using your quirk. I wonder why he wasn’t expelled in the manga
4/15 c10 TheFishKing
the ururaka and Shinso thing are incredibly funny
4/15 c10 2doomNgloom
I've read a lot of stories where Izuku is expelled and a VERY small handful where Bakugo is expelled, but I don't think I've read one where Todoroki gets thrown out. This story just got really interesting.
4/15 c10 5Isumo 1489
Ok, I've seen people expel Bakugo, and I felt it was good. I've seen Mineta get the axe, and was laughing. But TODOROKI GETTING KICKED OUT BY AIZAWA!? This is next level, freaking full-madcap insanity AND I LOVE IT! Seriously, if there was ANY WAY to get through his attitude early on without Friendship No Jutsu Shonen standard, THIS IS IT! I mean, what is Endevor going to DO TO HIM after hearing this!? Moreover, will that mean he goes to a different Hero School? Which One? Will we see him again!? Can my take on huevos rancheros be considered genuine if I use store bought TACO SEASONING!? I HAVE to have these questions answered!

But seriously, I've loved this story so far and seeing this only made me even more invested. I mean you got RELIGIOUS MINETA! I mean COME ON! I've been up and down and NEVER seen or even THOUGHT of it! ...though with Momo being the Deity of worship...yeah, I can dig it, hell I might even convert, more legit than 90% of other Death Cults out there by my last check.

Anywho, once again, great job! Looking forward to more, and loving the set up so far...PS. Mei remains my fave character next to Izu, and I will not change!
4/15 c10 4dvd181
...Well, consider my expectations officially subverted. That came very out of left field.
4/15 c10 54Tactition101
(Face Palm) SMACK Seriously?! You’re going to put that kind of pun as your last AN?

Also, good chapter
4/15 c10 beard boy
An odd flex but an interesting one.
4/8 c10 kit1it-1
I see the name had two ways of looking at it. The Chapter was estimated to be valueless because it was just a joke. Then there is the way of how it is because they were expelled in the chapter.
4/7 c3 mranh1403
When i read the "text to speech" part, The Emperor's voice from WH40k TTS series was immediately set at Izu new voice in my brain
4/7 c10 TigerTrainerXD
Gen. Ed. Todoroki, seems interesting
4/6 c6 Western-Otaku
I fucking love this. Also you missed a small opportunity to add in when Izuku asks if the Yaoyoromobile is legal, Momo could have just deadpanned and said "I MADE it legal".
4/2 c10 Joshua the Hand Written
Ha! I totally did not expect this to be a prank until you told me. This seems 100% on brand for Aizawa. I was super curious where you'd go with this. Please feel encouraged to continue writing a crack spin-off that follows this timeline.
4/2 c10 Joyeuse X
Honestly, I wish this was the actual chapter because I would love to see a follow up.
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