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for Ashes

10/3 c14 77dabbling
Yay! I enjoyed this. Thank you for writing!
10/3 c9 dabbling
Ahhhh! What a beautiful mess! Great storytelling.
10/2 c6 dabbling
I’m really enjoying this story. Having said that, I am miffed that you introduced Faith into the story because now I like her and I don’t want her to kick off or anything, but she really needs to get out of the picture without hurting Bobby so he can be with his one and only—Alex!
9/15 c14 6Hazmatt
Great story, I enjoyed it.
9/8 c14 Jules
Had to reread this story, as it is one of my favorites! You did good.
8/13 c14 shewon
This story is one of the greatest I've ever read!
I'm so in love with it!
Maddie you are the BEST!
6/28 c14 3TuxedoCat42
Great story from beginning to end! True to the characters. This was the first CI fic I've read and years and you've set the bar high! I must admit I was cringing and squirming in my chair on the chapter where Alex came home from her run. EEK!
2/17 c14 13OctoberGirl82
This sucked me in quick and I loved every minute of it! Very well thought out plot and you captured the characters well. Thanks so much for sharing!
2/8 c14 1mrsking1976
Let's start this off with I love it. Had been looking for a new Alex and Bobby story and so happy I came across this. Beautiful writing and beautiful story telling.
2/6 c14 hisnhers
Beautifully written. I enjoyed this so much. perfect ending btw!

Thank you for writing and sharing this. LOCI fics are so rare anymore. Thanks again,

2/6 c6 hisnhers
Whoa. Confession time.

2/6 c4 hisnhers
This chapter seriously hurts the heart.

2/4 c3 hisnhers
Wow. He seems healthier, happier and content. That is a definite change for Bobby.

The end was a lovely little shocker.

2/4 c2 hisnhers
A woman in a man's world can not fail or she was never qualified to begin with. Shame that is exactly how women are treated.

Wonder if Hannah had any idea Bobby was near there when he offered this opportunity to Eames...

Why do these characters pull away from one another instead of towards one another the worse they need a friend or help? sigh. Weakness isn't asking for help; weakness is knowing you need that help, but are too proud to ask.

This should be interesting.

2/4 c1 hisnhers
Goodness gracious, my heart is pounding hard after reading that chapter! I felt every emotion and saw everything you described. Very well done.

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