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7/2 c3 Guest
When is Ash going to give Casey the Beedrill he wins in the bug catching contest?
7/1 c1 Ytrio
This is good. Keep it up!
6/30 c3 3goku1234tien
Babe and Ruth? Way to be obvious dude still other then that good job
12/10/2020 c2 4Tiger lover 16
This was a pretty good read overall. Casey's always been one of my favourite minor characters and as a multi shipper I really wanted to find a good story pairing her and Ash together, and this worked nicely.

I will admit I raised an eyebrow at the "I think I triggered her" line from last chapter though. But then again I might just be sensitive to that word choice considering how many edgelords I've seen turning the word triggered into a joke at the expense of people with PTSD.

Other than that I don't have anything to complain about, it's a decent story and I hope it continues at some point, but even if not thanks for writing it.
9/30/2019 c2 Pokemon fan
Looking forward to the next chapter I been waiting months for the next chapter to come it's rare seeing Casey and ash together
9/30/2019 c2 xadhoom boy
I' m really liking it. It's a fresh take I hope you'll continue.
8/7/2019 c1 Guest
this is an actually refreshing read keep it up and you'll never have to worry about a slump again
8/7/2019 c1 Pokemon fan
I'll say I'm definitely interested in seeing this story and your right ash and Casey do have alot in common like misty dose with ash as well I'm glad someone decided to do an ash x Casey story especially how rare it is to see them and at some point ash should try asking her out on a date when the time is right and are some of the events in the future chapters going to be based on the anime except with differences as they travel through johto together
8/7/2019 c1 Guest
Can you please put ash and Casey's name in the summary because then it be easier to find this story featuring this paring when readers try to search for it this kind of paring is quite rare for sure
8/7/2019 c1 2Dragon King Ryouga
If memory serves me right (and it does usually) Ash's favorite team are The Magikarp
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