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for Muchitsujo no Konoha

7/26 c6 CobaltDrag0n
This is genius! Can’t wait for the next chapter!
7/6 c5 1Marsjan
I also don't get Jiraya problem with discord and I'm a mortal.
6/24 c6 1YaBoiFromTeamSkull
I swear to God that this story made me want to read more MLP stories, and I normally avoid them. So, author, please do everyone reading this a favor and update the story. The crazy shenanigans that this story presents are very appealing. We will all be very disappointed if this story is abandoned.
6/3 c1 Guest
So discord will be reform when he sees naruto sacferice everything through the anime of naruto and naruto shipduen and he sees others getting killed during some fight scenes witch means discord will help naruto protect his family and friends.
5/29 c6 Helily
Oh my oh my. Having no knowledge of this MLP world, I have somehow come to love Discord and wish to express my gratitude to you for making me laugh in so many different ways today with this crossover.
5/28 c6 RedDemonEye
This thus right here makes me happy I don't remember having this much fun reading in a while I'm loving discord and how the world and its people react to him it's awesome so keep up the good work and like always have a nice day.
5/27 c6 2ProfesorGoblitz
I actually like the possibility of hanabi being Miko to discord, and I can see it with her personality from The Last movie and Boruto
5/25 c6 Dragonblaze66
How amusing.
5/25 c6 8The Keeper of Worlds
5/24 c6 2Isaac LB
Will the Deities intervene at some point? Discord is already stealing their faith and drowning them in popularity.
5/24 c6 Xenoguyver
Interesting little plot twist for Discord. If anything, Discord will NEVER be bored because a lot of chaotic things happen WITHOUT him having to do ANYTHING. So far, I think it's safe to say this world is HIS personal paradise. Or close to it.

And that last question that Discord asked Minato at the end of this chapter? I was having a drink of my soda and damn near did a PERFECT spit take all over my keyboard and monitor. Glad I didn't but still, that was a damn funny question. I have no doubts that many of the people potentially eavesdropping on their conversation did a perfect spit take of their own and started giggling like loons after from hearing that question.
5/24 c6 2xXxjfreed21xXX
this story is always entertaining. The willful not learning of the local taboos by discord is very inline. more please
5/24 c6 AvexedAuthor
5 years out of the mlp fandom and you bring me in with this sht?

I Love You
5/24 c6 Guest
This story is great but quick question, what about "The Draconequus who was The Savior"?
5/24 c6 xbox432
It's as funny as it is sad... For as violent as humans can be, the fact that the citizens of Konoha actually made him a shrine and are as welcoming as they are must constantly come as a shock to the chaos god. Minato's hunch a few chapters back about Muchitsujo-sama not being used to positive reactions is just so spot on.
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