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10/17 c21 GreenEyes89
Ooohhh c'est triste et beau en même temps... Je ne vais pas te mentir mais je m'y attentais. C'était sûr qu'une personne de l'entourage de Tsuna allait mourir et Buzz était en haut de cette liste. Sauf que la manière dont tu l'as écrit m'a juste ému, son sacrifice pour que Tsuna puisse s'échapper est juste logique et belle en même temps. Et ses souvenirs juste avant de mourir... J'avais la larme à l'oeil.

J'ai beaucoup aimé ce chapitre, il était triste, angoissant et émouvant. J'ai hâte de voir se qu'il va se passé dans le prochain chapitre! Est-ce qu'Argo va bien? Il y a aussi le fait que si au début je pensais (j'étais même sûr!) que c'était Mukuro le chef de Laughing Coffin, je commence a avoir un doute après ce chapitre. Je commence à soupçonner Demon Spade maintenant.

En tout cas bonne continuation et à la prochaine mise à jour!
10/17 c21 13foxchick1
10/17 c21 MadHatter-chan
10/17 c21 DarthPotato171
i am not crying it's raining... yeh its raining
10/17 c21 Septimus Heap
Great chapter though I do hope that Verde will somehow manage to save Buzz IRL.
9/15 c13 Guest
They should think about getting Uniforms or at least a Guild Symbol. Rings with different color lions on them? The Symbol for Time, bc that's what Vongola was supposed to represent?

So is Tsuna 11 1/2 or 12 1/2? He's birthdays in October they've been in the game for at least 6 months with one of those months being December. Argo's at LEAST 3 years older than him either way, but I was just curious.

Its the Marshmallow Fanatic!
9/15 c12 Guest
Nana should give Hibari some pics. Does anyone else see him made about missing out on the action?

Also there for a second I thought Nana was about to make the connection of when Tsuna 'turned' clutzy.
9/15 c9 Guest
In the beginning of the story you said that Buzzs daughters name was Emi. Sure you only mentioned it once but I figured I would bring that up in case there was any confusion.

For some reason I now want them to be trapped in a Zombie Apocalypse game where they have to survive so long without dying. To make it realistic the Zombies don't 'respawn' BUT they would herd & migrate. They would burn. As well as decompose faster in sunlight. So like 2-3 years or 1st to kill 5,000, unless they got super creative. Maybe there would even be a Zombie Destroyed Counter.
9/15 c7 Guest
Since theres not actually guild limit. The Seven Rings should recruit low level players. Even then children in the Town of Beginnings. Buy one of the bigger/biggest properties as a save havens. The kids could go around collecting things in low level towns or even level them up with the help of Agil. Mainly food.

Then the slightly higher leveled players battle the monsters on level 2-10 and accumulated item drops to make things say 10% of all Col goes towards the guild found with the understanding that they all have a free place to live. These players could also make food, clothes, basic weapons for hunters, and maybe even open a school.

The same for the mid level fighters to except they help train everyone and maybe scouts for hidden items/events/dungeons on the already cleared levels. Plus protect the guild hall.

Then there's the original gang who knows can save money on housing, food, and basic supplies so they are able to buy better equipment and put forth around 30-40% of the earnings for the Guild Hall/Mansion/Fortress.

They could smell their cooking, gardening products, fish, ect..

Iemitsu and Nana would go crazy for pictures of their Tuna-fish.

Finally (ask in Canon) someone tells Tsuna how amazing he is! Most people would have gave up.
9/15 c6 Guest
Tsuna is a Sky, Basil & Ken Rains, Agile (or Sun) & Buzz Lightening (?), Biggs & Wedge either Clouds or Mists... If Kirito was in the group he would totally be a Cloud with a minor Rain/Lightening. Klein would be a Storm or Sun. Asuna is a total Sun. Argo a Mist(?).

They should actually have Guild Rings made even if they don't do anything!

I thought for sure Basil would make a comment about Tsunas armor complimenting his father.

Argo is almost completely the type of woman Tsuna needs as a wife as future Decimo. Just less greedy.

I wonder if Buzz is in the Mafia? Sometimes he reminds me of Gamma. Plus he keeps saving Tsuna.
9/10 c20 Tenyo-dono
I love this story so much, thanks for the great update!
9/8 c20 Worldnotesongs88
I really hope Buzz and Argo live thought this all right and Tsuna be ok but the Dying will flame will be add now by the looks of it
9/8 c20 176Firehedgehog
9/8 c20 1tsun
thanks for the update. though it's still been dragged further. you've introduce new characters in the middle of the chapter? it's been some time so I don't know if they are new or old OC' s but I don't know them.
9/8 c20 Lord.Raven6
So demon. made tsuna and bezz look like mobs and had them kill off each other. And we all know the result of that...no wonder he was so broken when we found him
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