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for Sword Art Online reacts to SAO abridged!

8/20 c3 40Black' Victor Cachat
Brilliant work here! Loving how you get into the characters! :-D
8/10 c3 2TritraSerpifeu
I found this story somewhat charming. In a wierd way, the OG cast seems way more alive. I am excited for the continueation
6/13 c3 3Flenners fanfics
sinon, kirito, asuna, leafa and klein vs abridged kirito, asuna, agil, klein and lisbeth
5/2 c1 Guest
That fact that you didn't actually write the video in was retarded. You that pathetic of a writer. Don't do a reaction story if you not gonna do it right.
4/10 c3 Guesssssssss-t
This is gold, I love it.
3/24 c3 reynardgautama
Great and interesting story
10/31/2019 c1 Guest
To be honest this is less SAO reacting to SAOA and more another abridged series reacting to it and a lot of subplots are left completely undiscussed such as humour at Tiffany and Kibou learned Ng that random guy at the back was a future member of laughing coffin e.t.c. Still it's good to see someone is at least attempting this I've wanted to see SAO react to SAOA forever along with a version for other abridged series like hellsing doz and more the way canon reacts to abridged has so much potential for hilarity and misunderstandings
10/27/2019 c1 therandompers
This is actually a lot funnier then i expected. So props to you.
10/14/2019 c2 Mistmoon12
Oh I would love to see how you think their interactions would go down, please write one, if you have time!
10/4/2019 c2 Mistletainn
A bit short, but quite good IMO. Definitely should meet the SAOA casts, even if it's just Kurt and Ass. Bonus if The Don showed up.

Btw, Eps 14 SAOA Premiered earlier today. Go watch it before it's taken down~
9/29/2019 c1 28Firelord67
Okay, I'll write chapter 3
9/26/2019 c2 spearmint08
it was good
9/22/2019 c2 DIYCE
This was a fun foray into character viewing. Thank you for your writing! Seeing everyone reacting to the Abridged was great! It seems like they'd do good to meet everyone.
9/21/2019 c2 The Diamond Gamer
Yes, I cannot wait to see normal Kirito meet the Abdriged Kirito, It's gonna be hilarious
9/18/2019 c2 10ultima-owner
yes! Have them meet
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