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for Of Caterpillars and Goblin Kings

2/20 c8 TheWayForward
Okay, this chapter was a lot of fun, so thank you for updating. It does always seem that Jareth makes the admissions first, but at least Sarah kept the denials to a minimum, lol. And even a slightly bitter admission of her own: "And then you left." Really loving the story. Hope to see more soon. But uh-oh, watch out, Fred!
2/16 c8 Resisting-Moonlight
"I had no idea you were so lonely you needed to spy on women bathing to get your jollies."

Shower scene was certainly interesting. Cock blocked by his own magic. Dang it!

Poison Ivy is not fun at all.
2/16 c8 Tenjp
15 points for the use of ensorcelled! Love it.

Love how he was trying to be the good guy through it all and I could feel the tension in the shower- loved it! Now she's going to feel guilty and they are going to have to talk...maybe...possibly...if she calls on him...

No toby is hilarious by the way.

And poor Sarah, maybe the labyrinth didn't want her because she belongs with someone else ;)

And maybe ...just maybe...if both kids end up there then their parents will as well and Karen can keep the goblins in line ha ha ha!

Excellent as always!
2/15 c8 5Whimsical Acumen
Well that was a delightfully wicked beginning to this chapter. Laughing at the “Toby who” of it all and there seems to be a sudden lack of urgency, but perhaps there’s something I’m missing from the previous chapter as it’s been a minute

Whatever the case, welcome back and thank you for the update! This was a fun one and I look forward to the next

As per your note: can’t say I ship Halbrand and Galadriel, but I get the appeal lol. That elf and human woman on the other hand … be still my heart!
5/27/2022 c7 Marjorie Rensen
great piece; love your humor
5/24/2022 c2 TitaniaElizabethEye
Thank you for standing up and incorporating mote "whisker biscuit" into fine literature everywhere.
5/24/2022 c7 Aleta Wolff
Queremos ver mais embates entre Sarah e Jareth, são hilários kkkkkkkkkkk
5/23/2022 c7 Tenjp
Woooo another update - thank you - loved it …. And the song lolo
5/22/2022 c7 Resisting-Moonlight
Whisker biscuits.. LOL
Simon is annoying little sh%!
Sarah in the shower would make Jareth happy.
5/21/2022 c7 MissusGages
Thanks for the update! Quite a lemon-scented cliff you left us on, lol. Can’t wait to see how Jareth maneuvers this entire situation. Your goblins are always hilarious, btw. 3
5/21/2022 c2 MissusGages
“And I did it, bitch.” I’m dead. Lolololol.
5/21/2022 c7 TheWayForward
Oooh naughty cliffhanger. Really enjoying this fun chapter. The yo mama's so ugly joke gave me a laugh I desperately needed. And I find it interesting that J seems so unprepared when Toby wants to hang out with him nonstop. Looking forward to seeing more. (Yes, I acknowledge how much you've posted lately in your fics!)
5/21/2022 c7 Guest 2022
Your jail time has really given my reading pleasure a boost! Jareth’s disappointing victory has given the camp wardens some exciting times. Loving it all! Thanks.
1/16/2022 c6 Marjorie Rensen
Please write the next chapter...
11/17/2021 c6 3Lady Skynet
Lovely story! Can't wait to see what happens next.
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