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for Of Caterpillars and Goblin Kings

8/23 c6 Helix28
Such an enjoyable FF. I do hope you carry on with it, I'm fascinated to see where you will take it with Toby.
6/21 c6 16gatogirl1
RIP Eric Carle T_T
6/6 c6 Guest 2021
Holy smokes! This is terrible! Awful! And Jareth is scheming, looking to get what he wants out of this heartbreaking situation, that two faced, cold blooded so and so! Thanks for the update.
5/29 c5 Amya1020
"Bit creepy then, isn't it," Simon crossed his arms as he addressed the elephant in the room. "Waving around a riding crop if you don't ride a horse. Makes you wonder."

-This made me laugh out loud!
5/29 c6 Annibale
You jumped back in the action with no problems :) The possibility that Toby is the one the Labyrinth wants rather than Sarah is a interesting plot twist. :) I don't even need to ask if the CB'ing will go on long as possible.
5/29 c6 Resisting-Moonlight
I so thought he was going to go with him after he begged. It seems so wrong and heartbreaking that he said the Labrynth chose Toby and not her. She's the champion. She belongs at The Kings side.
5/29 c6 Gloria47
Wow! I have a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. That was a powerful chapter.
5/29 c2 Gloria47
LOL! Yup, "The Ransom of Red Chief" on steroids! LOL! loving it!
5/29 c1 Gloria47
Reminds me of "The Ransom of Red Chief" ! Love it!
5/29 c6 5BexyLexi
Oooer I dont think I've ever been left quite this concerned (ok there is another fic out there haha). Or yes wrong footed is also apt. Even though this is what Toby wants it still feels wrong somehow. Perhaps as you say it is also down to the Labyrinth choosing him over Sarah and that isn't a very familiar circumstance. Oh and things seem to have swung in GKs favour something terrible. Bravo for the goblins and kids continued exploits in both realms. Hilarious hijinks. They've got a job with all those caterpillars! A fabulous and fitting inclusion.
5/29 c6 TheWayForward
Dun dun dun! Reality finally seems to be crashing down for Sarah. Why wouldn't Toby be seduced by the same fairy tale environment that lured Sarah in? So this is such a cool story angle; especially how the labyrinth seems to have embraced Toby right back. Also interesting is that it's unclear what Sarah can even do at this point. Or should do. Really grateful to see more of your writing and looking forward to finding out more.
5/29 c6 IncrediblyCurious
Loved it ! So worth the wait! Hopefully not so long next time lol
2/14 c5 IncrediblyCurious
Oh wow! I found this also published on your Archive of Your Own listing! I’m BEGGING you to please continue this as it’s been left on a cliffhanger lol ... I’m so loving it
1/3 c5 3Ladycrafter
Best war ever.
1/2 c1 Ladycrafter
That last bit made me cackle quite a bit. Although truth be said, it's the parents that usually elicit that kind of reaction from me. The kids are pretty manageable. You just need to manifest 'The Stare'.
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