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for Of Caterpillars and Goblin Kings

12/21/2020 c5 5Whimsical Acumen
Oh man, after reading Tanglewood I gave Goblin Market a read through and began but didn't quite get into How to Catch a Goblin King. This little fic, however, has caught my attention and I so look forward to the eventual update!

Blessed solstice
11/9/2020 c5 Guest 2020
Superbly crafted comedy. My cheeks hurt from laughing! Thanks.
10/11/2020 c5 5FelineNinjaGrace
Oh dear. Jareth just cant get a break, lol. This story paints Sarah as the true villain, lol! She wished away her brother, and then a blamed the Goblin King for stealing him and ended up ruining his goblin city. Now she wishes away 30 children! And doesnt want to get them back. Too funny! And I knew Toby wouldnt want to come back, haha! What's Sarah going to do now?
10/11/2020 c2 FelineNinjaGrace
I haven't laughed this hard in a long time! "They're dismantling the dam!" Had me in blue in the face!
10/11/2020 c1 FelineNinjaGrace
I'm laughing my head off. That was perfect. She's like "Nah, keep 'em. Good luck with that!" XD
9/23/2020 c5 1Smol Angry Bean
9/23/2020 c5 BustedBrain
9/21/2020 c5 Resisting-Moonlight
The imagery of him in a speedo lounging in "her" spot was quite comical. The description of the novel he was reading... LOL
And dare we say... A kiss! Just Alittle peck but now she knows what it's like; I think she'd be curious for more *wink wink* and Toby! You want to stay. Well well !
9/21/2020 c5 Rhedkrow
Heh heh, this was a real roller coaster of fun! Jareth in black speedos rubbing coconut oil on himself (slurp) was a lovely visual

Oh Sarah, you know you waant him, you know you loove him, you know want to kiissss him la la laaaa
9/19/2020 c5 18Almadynis Rayne
LOL - Awesome!
9/19/2020 c5 maraudergurl2010
Your talent for what I will call "crack-realism" is unparalleled, my friend. I just cannot with you and your mad skills. Pacing, grammar (I'm at that desperate place in this pandemic where I've read too many fics (there's never enough fics) and have consented to reading fics that are so grammatically incorrect and so questionable in sentence structure and word usage that my brain EDITS IT ALL AS I READ, IMAGING WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN, AND IT TAKES TWICE AS LONG TO READ ANYTHING WITH HALF THE FUN REMOVED. My brain is tired. This was a treat. I read it in like four minutes. Amazing.), wit, plot-what can't you do?

The imagery of camp is also visceral-I can feel the wood of the dock, I know exactly what the algae-covered ladder looks like, I know exactly what kind of flag pole you're talking about and how the flowers at the base are arranged. It's just-perfect. :D Thanks, friend.
9/18/2020 c5 Guest
I loved this so much - it’s such a great story and how fabulous to see another chapter !
9/18/2020 c5 TheWayForward
Ah yes! Lance of Love! How appropriate! And damn the description of a sunbathing GK. Really enjoying the twists in this fun fic, too.
9/18/2020 c5 tara.kearnsprice
Thank you. just... thank you for this. God, I wish I could speed up time and get these updates faster...
9/18/2020 c5 5BexyLexi
Ahh my dear with all these updates you really are spoiling us! This continues to be hilarious, from goblins soiling themselves to dismantling camp to campers who have captured fieries to Jareth in a tiny swimsuit, thank the heavens hmmm indeed! Love the delightful friction between those two. And then Toby's admission too, what will they do now?
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