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for Of Caterpillars and Goblin Kings

2/17/2020 c4 66Jetredgirl
I'll never look at coconuts the same way again :-P
1/7/2020 c3 1Save the Date
Squeeee! How dashingly evil of Jareth. I will follow this so I can receive a notification the next time you update ;)
1/7/2020 c2 Save the Date
These feels like such a crack fic, and I fully support it.
1/7/2020 c1 Save the Date
Oh my! I love the audacity of Sarah in that last remark. I’m excited to see where this goes!
12/6/2019 c3 rachel.olsenwilliams
I really hope that you are still planning on continuing this story, it is simply awesome!
10/27/2019 c3 Lylabeth 1
An update, Cat? This was hilarious. I have been hoping my dear friend Lixxie, who really has a different name, if she’d get with some new fics. She’s trying to decide what vegetable to go in for Halloween. I suggested a pickle since it’s such an innocence vegetable. Lol. Or maybe a prickly pear. Lol.
10/19/2019 c3 hurricanebridgette
This is a hilarious story.
10/11/2019 c3 3WhatIsThis'Sleep'YouSpeakOf
Poor Hoggle! Always caught doing the wrong-right thing.

This story is so fun! The topless shenanigans. The environmentally conscientious hooligans. The battle of wills between our favorite heroine/villain. Or hero/villainess, depending on the perspective.
9/28/2019 c3 maraudergurl2010
Oh shit. He got Toby. AHHHHHH!
9/25/2019 c3 Saphira113
Oh dear, oh dear, Sarah's managed to get into trouble both in the real world and the Underground.

I wonder who it was that saw Sarah's topless swim/dash and reported her? Some peeping Tom?
9/24/2019 c3 Annibale
Loving it. Hope this will be a slow burn.
9/24/2019 c3 11bandrea20
I'm finally back to Labyrinth FanFiction and this was the first story I picked to read after a long hiatus. And I absolutely love it so far! Had me laughing all three chapters hahaha. Can't wait to see what happens next.
9/24/2019 c3 TheWayForward
I’ve become such a nerd for this story. I was so excited to see there was an update and it didn’t disappoint. You’ve made both leads the perfect combination of sly/manipulative and sympathetic. Looking forward to more. Ideally soon? :)
9/24/2019 c3 Aleta Wolff
O que será que Jareth vai querer em troca de Toby? Eu posso imaginar um monte de coisas...LOL
9/24/2019 c3 kittyspike08536

*ominous music plays*
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