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9/13/2022 c3 HisSecretLover18
Great story so far. Can't wait to see what happens next.
4/10/2021 c3 sarge1130
It’s quite nice that Roci had finally met Belle. I love how Roci seems so proud and happy to have Law while retelling his tale. He misses the boy and I hope they will meet soon.
Vergo, aarrrgg! How dare he shows his face to Sengoku. I’m just waiting for his downfall but as they say, one needs a careful and thorough planning to defeat an organization.
I gasped when finally, Law had met Cora-san although it was just a glimpse and accidental. Ah, I’m hoping for a proper reunion for these two.
Thanks for the update .
3/17/2021 c3 1khodijah98
Emmmm, the chapters is full of coding
3/16/2021 c3 BlueHeartNina
Uhhhhhhhh something is wrong with this chapter
3/16/2021 c3 2Eyilin
the formating didn't survive I'm afraid! will you post it again?
11/19/2020 c2 Guest
Pls. Continue this. I want to read how you will spin this.
6/22/2020 c2 BlueHeartNina
Gr8 story UwU
4/20/2020 c1 ConstellationReader
I really like how this story is playing out so far. I do hope you’ll continue to update it
4/5/2020 c1 Mark
The Angels don't want to feed. They want to kill, as the Doctor has been saying since 2007.
4/4/2020 c1 Mark
About Shutter, the Doctor Who/9 crossover. That is definitely not how the Doctor speaks of the Weeping Angels.
3/19/2020 c2 5AnniBananni
Cora-san loves Law so much and every time I read a fic with Minion as part of the story I cry in my heart. I love them so much and they deserve to be happy. :')
10/28/2019 c2 sarge1130
So happy that Cora-san survives :'). I love it how Rocinante and Sengoku lay up a plan how to defeat Vergo without alerting him. I love it how Rocinante, even though his loyalty still lies with the Marines as well that he loves his adopted father, is still trying to protect Law from the marines.
I just hope that their promise to meet again in the next town will come true. Thanks for the update :D.
10/28/2019 c1 sarge1130
I would love to read stories wherein Cora-san survived though there were quite a few of it. So nice that you decided to write one :).
Oh, I so love little Law :'). So young but still resilient, just like OP adult Law. Just like Cora-san who chooses Law's safety over his, Law chooses Cora-san's health over himself.
10/23/2019 c2 13Akatsuki-Metal
I'm really happy Corazon lived. And Law made a friend too. This is a really good chapter. Keep up the good work.
9/24/2019 c2 10VisitorNo.18
Yes! Finally! Cora-san is awake!

Ha! Law made friends, Understatement of the year. Law made a friend and gained 2 followers thay day! XD Just doesn't do things normally, those D. holders. :D
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