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for Gilmore girls meet the camdens

12/3/2013 c12 7daughterofnemesis
Not bad! I'm only into season one of seventh heaven but I love it and I've been reading some of its fanfiction. Anyway, I really liked it! I liked where you ended it so I vote no sequel. You did a great job I just prefer where you ended now. Anyway, great job!
6/27/2011 c12 Guest
I like the idea but I don't like how you wrote it. If you had written the actual story it would have been better.
4/13/2010 c12 sfbxfcb
11/9/2009 c12 595Ghostwriter
This is a good concept, however, if I may: script format's not allowed, the whole story felt rushed. On the other hand, everyone was pretty much in character except for the changes that you purposely made. Catch ya on the flip side.
7/8/2007 c12 wandamarie
it was a verry good story iI liked it verry munch thank you

wanda marie
7/6/2007 c1 wandamarie
it is good so far thank you wanda marie
7/23/2004 c4 19CaliforniaDreamer
Too out of character! Too many grammar mistakes! Too...horrible! I gave up after chapter 4. This is one of the most pathetic stories I have ever read. I think the most out of charater people are Luke and Jess. They're just so not them.
1/1/2004 c12 10Poodernite
You had some really good ideas in your story, the crossover was a good start. You had a lot of potential. I'll even overlook the sudden move to California, because, hey, it's fanfiction, we can do as we please. But why end with a car crash? None of the relationships came to any sort of conclusion. I guess I just thought that the ending was a little too dramatic for a not-so dramatic fic.
11/2/2003 c12 272665
I liked it but you don't get life for molestation of a minor.

Char broiled chicken sandwich
9/4/2003 c1 Lisa
I think this SUCKS.
6/27/2003 c3 JoySmith
Hey great job I lloovvee 7th heaven and gilmore girls so this story was right up my alley. It's great. :-)
6/8/2003 c12 serena
make a sequel
6/7/2003 c12 me
your story was pretty good but i really didn't like how you put simon and rory together. but that's just my opinion.
5/20/2003 c12 1Amazonian Huntress
I really liked this story. Please write a sequel to it because I would really like it.
5/19/2003 c12 Kate
I'm sorry but there's no other word for it: CRAP. This story is so crap. First of all, Luke and Lorelai just wouldn't move to Glenoak in one chapter. They have lives to consider. Second, Annie is totally OOC. You need to put detail in your stories. Not just plots that move too fast and make no sense. I know you said in your auttor's note that you wanted the story to end 'good and quick'. If you want to end so fast, why do you write? I'm sorry, but you seriously need to put more thought into your plots. Consider getting someone to edit your stories before you post.
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