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for Dragon Ball Super: After Broly

9/13 c23 3FataliseMH4
When do you release the next chapters of the primordial god
8/30 c5 EatwithaSpork
THis is the best Fanfiction in the world You should submit this to DBZ headquarters
8/15 c23 16bro95094
The next arc is coming?
8/12 c1 4SpyroFanForever
8/9 c20 3FataliseMH4
Hello a little suggestion but when you finish the story you can make a bonus chapter to detail the Omni techniques and their effects because I must confess that I'm getting a bit lost in it please.
8/9 c20 16bro95094
I hope that will be fusion with all of fighters and destroy Abysus
7/28 c19 3desgarbiuz
Congratulations, you have impressed me again with these new chapters and as I was always excited with each fight and I can't wait to see more of this story, well before saying goodbye I would love to apologize for not having given reviews in previous chapters, I had problems with the Internet, well now if I say goodbye so we will see each other very soon in another chapter so goodbye.
7/23 c19 The Empty Hollow
Truly, having 2 chapters out in less than 12 hours is very impressive, indeed. This one has great fighting scenes, and the end was a massive cliffhanger. I wonder on which side will the Fusion fight.
7/22 c18 16bro95094
I see you inspired Anki from Dragon Ball Taiyou by Abysus:)
7/22 c18 The Empty Hollow
Oh yeah baby! A big battle is one chapter away from starting, and with Cell, Broly and even Bardock joining the fight, it's going to be all the more awesome.
Happened to see this chapter almost immediately after it got released, and just had to read it, even though I'm sleepy as hell.
7/21 c17 The Empty Hollow
Great. It's a little sad how Goku and Vegeta can't catch a break, fighting on guy after the other almost instantly, but the constant action is what makes this fanfic so great and epic.
And what was that ending? Forcefully fusing with their counterparts? That works both ways, and the chances of them siding with Abysus are the same chances as them siding with Goku and the rest. Still, Abysus seemed confident, so he must know something w don't.
All these constant updates are really wonderful. It's a shame I can't read them as soon as they're out.
7/19 c16 The Empty Hollow
What a great battle. Vegeta was just too strong for a single person. But now that Gokhan has the same KI, it isn't far off for Goku and Gohan to unlock the same power, though it won't be as simple as that, of course.
7/19 c15 The Empty Hollow
Wow. So they succeeded in turning Vegeta evil. I half expected him to break free, kill one of them and go back home, but this is even better. Poor Freiza, his empire was destroyed(again).
7/18 c15 asim.rockstar
Please give goku 10 kemehamehaa and ssj5 and ssj5blue please
7/17 c14 The Empty Hollow
Vegeta got kidnapped?! Impossible! Truly, the fight with Evil Jiren was intense, though I didn't expect Evil Jiren to be saved there from Vegeta.
Man though, another chapter so quickly, what a treat! Reading with the music made it all the better. I'm also glad the estimated time you gave us was wrong, in a good way of course.
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