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5/2 c28 11OMNISENSE95
So... You were clearly going for some sort of moral here, but I'm still trying to work out what it is... good job regardless, though.
5/2 c28 Winstonkong
The next chapter is here. A surprise this early in May but a welcome one (haha). This time with Jason and slick a favorite experiment of mine with the song American pie as the Title, that is a really good piece of music. All the way good chapter again
4/19 c27 Winstonkong
The next chapters here. This Time with Ai, but also Carmen, who was on tour and really wanted to see her Family again. I'm glad they could make something up and I really liked it that Carmen now lives with Ai and her older sister. Great chapter I’m looking forward to the next chapter
4/19 c27 OMNISENSE95
This was... so beautiful. I'm actually a little surprised to see another update to this story so soon.
4/9 c26 OMNISENSE95
Aw... that was so sweet. It looks like Kurenai wasn't around when the 600 series went into production... or at least when Angel went into production...
4/8 c1 Winstonkong
Yay you’re back. And I'm suprised you include the anime characters in your Story. I guess Kurenai is a OC experiment. I first thought one experiment from the Stitch and Ai show but I didn’t found something so it must be an creation from you. Great chapter can’t wait for the next one
4/8 c26 Potassium and Oxygen
Woah, this chapter was amazing!
I didn't really have that much time to read, but I've read a few lines of this and then I just couldn't stop, because I got so entranced!
Your descriptions of fight scenes are marvelous. I mean, I could imagine it so clearly, and kind of feel it too, how the fight progressed... Wow.
I guess I just really enjoy your writing style.
Kurenai's a new experiment, right? I've looked up her number and it showed a different experiment named "Pacer", so I guess you created her . She (and her design) is awesome.
2/20 c25 Winstonkong
Yay, a new chapter and with the first Experiment from the Anime, 610 aka Witch but here called Rhiannon. I liked the chapter and I can’t wait for the next one
2/19 c25 OMNISENSE95
That was beautiful... so... you decided not to name her "Witch" in this go around, huh?
2/5 c24 Potassium and Oxygen
Wow, a new chapter is already up! Yay!
Amazing as always .
The new name for EARWAX is pretty cool :D Caring and Compassionate Consolation for Cousins experiencing Crises... Nice.
"But I know your heart's warm". Aww! Such a nice thing to say to Slushy! Of course Lilo deserves free ice cream after that .
Also, a great addition was the Pinocchio joke that Leroy didn't seem to get - I just love these little details the most.
And I kind of expected the offer the Grand Councilwoman gave Lilo - given how much potential and experience she has - but it's great that they will wait until she's older. She really needs the time to adjust to the changes in her life. It has gotten much better, she has a huge ohana which will always support her, but we can see her doubts and sadder moments. I'm glad that Nani is there to remind her that being happy doesn't mean she's forgetting their parents. Nani is an amazing sister.
1/24 c24 Winstonkong
YEAH It has begun. And I liked the first Chapter a good start into the next season. I wonder what stuff will happen on the tour. Looking forward to the next chapter
1/24 c24 OMNISENSE95
This... this was beautiful...
12/5/2020 c23 OMNISENSE95
Love the lineup for season three. I'm finding it kinda cool how you're including characters from the later series... Hope they get to interact with Lilo in some capacity.
12/5/2020 c23 Winstonkong
Oh you really gonna do it ones more :D. I'm looking forward to Season 3, even if it comes at March 2021
12/1/2020 c22 Winstonkong
The end was good. I know that this FF plays in a what if scenario but 628 being Leroy is a little weird, than technically Leroy is number 629, but it was still a good chapter! I wonder if there would be a season 3, well time will tell us.
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