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7/15 c1 2Ronniecoln 88
The experiments do get redemptive arcs. It’s not like they flip a switch from bad to good
7/6 c16 Winstonkong
Yay, it continues. I was so excited when I saw a new Chapter in this story. I really liked it and I'm happy for David at the end of the Chapter
7/6 c16 11OMNISENSE95
So... Remmy can't dream? Is that what you were going for? Good chapter, by the way.
5/14 c1 Winstonkong
So... know I'm at Chapter 15... and I really like this Story. Some Writing Styles (especially with Ace in this Comic Book Style :D) Are Great and I looking forward For more Charters
5/12 c15 OMNISENSE95
Albert Colbert Ebert? That's such an obvious fake name it's not even funny. The fact that everyone sees through Ace's 'civilian disguise' actually makes it that much funnier. Is Ace a Superman fan? And... was section 3 some sort of commercial? Still, I love the style you gave this chapter. I also appreciate the ending of this chapter. It's making to look forward to 628's redemption.
4/25 c14 Potassium and Oxygen
Oh no, haha, I can't believe I'm 2 weeks late for this chapter...
But with so much work to do and the media only ever updating about more and more sick people, it was such a good idea to check in here.
When I saw you've updated the story, I was totally delighted!
I live for these sweet moments between Daniel and Chopsuey, they instantly made my day better!
And Lilo's Goodness Level Charts for every cousin. She must have had a lot of drawing to do! I always adore these details.

Also, you perfectly described the pain that the colds are. These are just the worst, especially if you have a weak immune system, like me. Every autumn and winter, gosh...
If only there was a cure for it in real life, haha!

But I guess the thing that surprised me here is, I had no idea Poxy was named after a disease. When Chopsuey brought it up, I was like "What? Really? I have to look it up!"
So, yeah, it's so fun reading in English! You learn something new every day!
4/19 c4 Guest
Hello there. I just found this story and I have to say I am really enjoying it. I love how you are giving all the experiments their own stories in a way. I know you probably don’t take requests but I would absolutely love to see a chapter about Spooky. I know you’ve already featured him in the story but I’d kind of like to see his own story, like maybe how he became friends with Sparky or something to show his personal transition from a monster to how he is now. To me he always kind of represents someone who may be often misunderstood by those who don’t know him. I can kind of imagine him and Lilo having a conversation about that faithful Halloween night. I can even also imagine him, instead of causing fear, helping people overcome it. This is just an idea and how I imagine him, and I’m just curious to see how you’d interpret his story arc. Not only is my my favorite experiment other than Stitch but he was involved in something that changed my life for the better and still to this day holds a very special place in my heart. It’s ok if you can’t but it would mean a lot if you can.
4/11 c14 OMNISENSE95
This is the kind of thing we need with this Coronavirus going around. Although I'm a tad surprised that 628 didn't appear in this chapter... did he?
3/27 c13 Potassium and Oxygen
Wow, ok, I think I'll borrow an important line to summarise this...
That was really beautiful!
Oh, and I loved that when 628 called Hamsterviel, I've figured out it was him after one sentence. Just, Hamsterviel's way of wording... So in character.
Also, your idea for 628's ability. I'd expect something just like this if it were canon!
Great job!
3/27 c12 Potassium and Oxygen
Oh my gosh, how did I miss it?
These plans for the new episodes sound soo good!
2/26 c2 X
In the Your Sing chapter you mistaken 021’s gender whose name is Bragg by the way in this time, but was changed to Flute when he was altered in the Stitch! season 2 anime I believe. But other than that this chapter was good and lovely.
1/2 c2 Guest
I honestly can’t thank you enough for the crazy amount of effort you put into these, I’ll be recommending this to a few friends of mine who also like Stitch. Keep up the great work!
12/22/2019 c11 Potassium and Oxygen
Ooooh, I couldn't keep the smile off my face for the whole time!
This chapter was so adorable and the ending was JUST RIGHT :D
I liked the dancing scene very much, especially that Daniel and Chopsuey didn't know how to and ended up being even cuter.
12/9/2019 c10 Potassium and Oxygen
Gosh, this time I have a serious problem expressing myself, it was just... so cool, epic and emotional! And an amazingly written fight scene! So many experiments at once! The song blending so perfectly into the plot! WOW...
Every moment was a moment I loved!
11/24/2019 c9 Potassium and Oxygen
I don't have a particular favorite character, as I mostly have more than one, but OH MY GOSH, YOU INCLUDED SLUSHY IN THE STORY, I'm so happy!
He got to talk with 627! Yeah, boy! Get him some ice cream to improve his mood!
But pushing that aside, the whole story here was... I cannot describe the feelings it brought me. I love 627's train of thought, just his THOUGHTS, how you portray him...
And I have to admit that I started crying at the end. So beautiful...
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