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for Villainous Hotel

8/28 c3 Artemis
Please update this fic
4/28 c3 HEROS Central
Me (groans): Ooohhh.

Steven Universe: What's wrong.

Me: I don't know Steven, but I feel a disturbance in balance between good and evil. As if a soul of pure good has accepted an offer with the darkest of souls to become evil. Oh dear, the Jedi are totally going to feel this in the morning.
4/27 c3 lord mau shinji 500
It is an interesting story if it is rare that Vaggie and Charlie have a son but well it is interesting, that black hat museum about villains is great and if you are right that if the future king is happy he would be very abiding I hope he takes seriously in the Black hat training, hey, black hat will still have a relationship with some demon, not Velvet, it would be an interesting to see that couple, greetings Commander3428961.
4/27 c3 27Jss2141
Okay, I like where this is going. But where was Freddy Krueger, Chuckie, HIM, Bill Cipher? Now those guys are disgustingly evil. And Mandy?! Where is Mandy?!
3/15 c2 10elamentalwarrior
This was something that we didn't expect, but really wanted.

Thank you. T _ T.
11/25/2019 c2 11OMAC001
Loving this so far!
11/24/2019 c2 lord mau shinji 500
it was a great chapter the truth that black hat and alastor are friends is very logical maybe because black hat alastor is very strong I hope that just like black hat is friend of rosie, what I did not understand was what black hat was referring to a son Charlie, she and Vaggie may not really know if they can, but I don't think unless black hat is good, they are demons and being a family is not a problem, they are not sinners, greetings Commander3428961.
11/23/2019 c2 1HEROS Central
Oh my god. Alastor and Black Hat knows each other? This keeps getting interesting.
10/9/2019 c1 21Phoenix Dreamer Star
You got me intrigued, I'd like to see what happens next.
8/19/2019 c1 Guest
Please update more on maximizing raid with transfomers I really like it
8/14/2019 c1 MVJames
Okay, you got me interested with the first page. Show me what you got.
8/9/2019 c1 HERO'S Central
Whoa. Nice way to start the story. Very nice. Can't wait to read more. Also I as if you be interested in a little project of mine.
8/9/2019 c1 27Jss2141
Yes. All around yes to this story.

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