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12/24/2020 c1 3Song of the divine
Gay Adrienette daughter is my head cannon now. Thank you for the fanfiction
12/13/2019 c5 6SwagaliciousWillowbrook
Super cute! Just a question, who exactly did Aurore have a child with?
12/13/2019 c5 1Titanfire999
... Obvious question who's her old dad.
9/11/2019 c3 6SwagaliciousWillowbrook
Cute! First time ever seeing a gay Adrienette daughter, so it's nice to see that! (Spoiler alert: I might to that with their daughter Emma in my thing. You'll be hyped as heck and very pleased with who she ends up developing feelings for.) Happy writing :)
9/8/2019 c2 SwagaliciousWillowbrook
Aww! Also, wow! I love the name for her! Marie sounds like a perfect name for a Myvan child!
8/11/2019 c1 SwagaliciousWillowbrook
First of all, thanks for the credit of you being inspired by me! It really made my day. Also, this was quite good, I'm looking forward to seeing more.
8/11/2019 c1 2Paradox Tremors
Cute. Funny. Thank-you for the smile this brought to me. Enjoyed it.
8/10/2019 c1 7penguinofthewaddles

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