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4/22 c21 2ohmygodard
Chloe accepting the help and support she deserves I would love to see it. Once again you’ve broken my heart, if this story doesn’t have somewhat of a happy ending you’ll be paying my therapy bills ma’am. This is such a beautiful friendship between Chloe and Emina and I am so glad you’ve given her someone like this to confide in, it really adds to the heartbreaking thought of just how many people care about Chloe yet she can’t see that she deserves it. Amazing chapter I loved it!
4/14 c21 Guest
loved this so much! really looking forward the the next chapter xx
4/13 c21 6hc-fletchard
You had me on the verge of tears, honestly this was absolutely amazing Emma! I felt every emotion and you write Chloe so naturally, it’s fantastic! You’re so talented and this is so good, I love mother we share and this chapter is such a good update! I can’t wait to read more (but no pressure:) )
Em x
4/13 c1 1holbyfics
Oh my goodness, you nearly had me in tears, this is so incredibly moving, it’s an absolute pleasure to read! I can’t wait for the next chapter, you’ve got me so completely hooked on this (As you had from the very start heheh). <3
4/13 c21 31birthdaycake-storytime-fall
I'm still reading and loving this story and will continue to do so right up until the very end. 3
4/13 c21 Kelsey Moir
This is quite good but also heartbreaking please update soon
4/12 c21 Guest
oh you don’t know how much this made me want to burst into tears, yet smile all simultaneously! you’re endlessly talented... saying I’ve been waiting patiently is probably an overstatement, but it’s certainly been worth the wait! I hope you’ll upload another chapter soon, but hey life does get in the way sometimes! i love this endlessly

Grace ( fanfic was being evil so i couldn’t log in)
3/9 c20 1holbyfics
Oh my goodness, I’ve been reading this for a while and just caught up again... WOW it’s so amazing, I really can’t bear to wait to see what happens! Eek
11/24/2020 c20 8Banoffee Macdonald
Ahhhh I love this story- I’ve been hooked since the very beginning and read all I can as quickly as I could
11/1/2020 c20 Guest
very much liked reading this conversation, fred
10/7/2020 c20 2ohmygodard
I LOVE PEIGI! The insight into Ange as a mum from her mum’s perspective is everything I never knew I needed, I just hope this helps Dom to accept that Ange DOES love him and that his and Chloe’s lives have just been wildly different. First of all I hope Chloe wakes up (she says nervously) and secondly if/when she does I really hope we see her talking to Dom, them working through the almost resentment? of each other? And getting to that close sibling relationships that they’re definitely capable of! This chapter was lovely, and a nice break from the utter heartbreak that is reading Ange be so worried about her baby! So glad you’re continuing this, can’t wait to see where you take it next! 3
10/7/2020 c20 5Aggie89
Another amazing chapter! I'm so glad to see this continuing. It's lovely to see Dom working his way through things with Peigi
10/6/2020 c20 mccann22
Love this story, love the relationship that Dom has with Peigi.
10/6/2020 c20 3royalfan5
Amazing…as always! I love everything about this story and so pleased you’ve updated it! The descriptions worked really well with the dialogue, I hope everything turns out ok between the 4 of them!
10/6/2020 c20 9Bethxxx0409
I love this so much. I always love reading your work Can’t wait for the next update!
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