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10/7 c20 1ohmygodard
I LOVE PEIGI! The insight into Ange as a mum from her mum’s perspective is everything I never knew I needed, I just hope this helps Dom to accept that Ange DOES love him and that his and Chloe’s lives have just been wildly different. First of all I hope Chloe wakes up (she says nervously) and secondly if/when she does I really hope we see her talking to Dom, them working through the almost resentment? of each other? And getting to that close sibling relationships that they’re definitely capable of! This chapter was lovely, and a nice break from the utter heartbreak that is reading Ange be so worried about her baby! So glad you’re continuing this, can’t wait to see where you take it next! 3
10/7 c20 5Aggie89
Another amazing chapter! I'm so glad to see this continuing. It's lovely to see Dom working his way through things with Peigi
10/6 c20 mccann22
Love this story, love the relationship that Dom has with Peigi.
10/6 c20 3royalfan5
Amazing…as always! I love everything about this story and so pleased you’ve updated it! The descriptions worked really well with the dialogue, I hope everything turns out ok between the 4 of them!
10/6 c20 4Bethxxx0409
I love this so much. I always love reading your work Can’t wait for the next update!
10/6 c20 hc-fletchard
I love this so much! I love the way that you explore Dom’s feelings, especially his feelings of exclusion from the family unit of Peigi Ange and Chloe and the way that Peigi is on everybody’s side and acts as the peacekeeper. I can’t wait to see what happens next!
Em :)
8/7 c19 1ohmygodard
I really thought when I saw this was 19 chapters long that WE WOULD HAVE HAD SOME GOOD NEWS ABOUT CHLOE BY NOW BUT NO YOU LOVE TORTURING US. I have so many questions ! Can’t wait to keep reading ! You are an amazing writer and it is so evident how much time, effort and thought has gone into coming up with and writing such a complicated story, way more in depth than we would ever get on screen. Just amazing! Thank you for writing and sharing with us, can’t wait to make my way through all of your other fics now!
8/6 c19 holbyfics
Still remains one of my favourite fics . I love this so much, you’re so amazing at writing ️
7/30 c19 Guest
I love this story so much. I read each chapter a good few times and find new depth each time.
7/30 c19 Guest
Hey. I love this story and I keep reading it all the time. I really like the way you write the relationship between Ange and Peigi- the dynamic is very interesting. I especially love the way that you portray the feelings of all of the characters their relationships with each other. Em
7/26 c19 2godxrd
“she can silk for Scotland when she gets the bit between her teeth”
7/26 c18 Guest
Just to say I love this story. Please don’t let Chloe die!
7/23 c19 22Bonnie Sveen Fan
I liked the chapter, hood of Peigi to introduce herself to Nicky. Don’t worry about not updating, take your time and I’ll look forward to reading more.
7/23 c19 Guest
I appreciated this chp, thank you, fred
7/23 c19 Guest
I always get so excited when I see you’ve updated this story! Great chapter as always! :D
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