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4/12/2020 c6 Dark.Lord0
Please continue!
3/22/2020 c6 Guest
Good sh*t
12/3/2019 c6 Mystic Koolaid
So, I am really hoping this is gonna be continued. Love the new crew and all the threads you've laid down. I'll be waiting for the next chapter
8/24/2019 c2 1AscendedHumanity
Huh so a worm and dc fusion. The question is if they are powered by apocalyptic parasites.
8/19/2019 c6 Guest-Questioner
You know,

If shalltear actually learns to CARE for the Young Justice team it'd be like,
a sister or MOTHER, trying to care for her rowdy kid's.

Then after their well off and she'd be called back,
she could use that knowledge, eventually, while "trying" to get Suzuki notice her.

Suzuki is Ainz' original self right, so paradoxically, or whatever,

if Shalltear & Albedo manage to "realize" it.

Their "love" for Ainz, could almost certainly be carried out with Suzuki, since he IS
just an alternate version of Ainz, in a FULLY functional, LIVING, body.

It COULD be a part of the comfort aspect right, to give it a lighthearted feel. maybe?
8/15/2019 c6 1awardedall
thank for chapter
8/15/2019 c1 16Eu sunt Dracul 1
This one feels a little weird. Need to know which universe Satori is and how he got there
8/12/2019 c1 vergil mercer
fiamma x vasilisa
8/12/2019 c4 Guest
Way to much is happening u got worm characters in dc and overlord characters aswell! Focus on just the crossover between overlord and young justice, would of been better of is ainz was in control to be honest
8/13/2019 c5 8UndeadLord22
In all else fails, Ainz could just cast {Grasp Heart} on the suckers, or {Fallen Down}. There aren’t many anti magic spells or items around DC earth
8/13/2019 c5 angryabaco03
Great chapter! Will the mc gain boons since it is based off of smite quest?
8/13/2019 c4 UndeadLord22
Just fix some grammar errors and sentences a bit, and your good to go
8/10/2019 c2 vergil mercer
vasilisa x fiamma
8/12/2019 c1 1awardedall
mmhmmm tasty story , more pls daddy
8/12/2019 c1 8UndeadLord22
This is... decent, yet also promising. Needs some flavor, but it’s good enough
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