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for The Reds And Blues: Chronicle of Eostia and Serenus

9/2/2019 c5 SPARTAN-626
Another chapter well done oh god did this one made me laugh hahahaha ahh that’s the good stuff. I wonder how long it will be until some in the gang get the princess in actual armor and better clothes. Also we already know Locus can understand Lopez in season 12, maybe should of go like Lopez said he forgot Locus can understand him and maybe later in the story we see Griff showing he can understand Lopez and speak Spanish better then Donut.

Also interesting choices for pairings here their pretty good choices thou I think Prim is a little to young here, unless it’s for later on when she gets older. For Griff maybe Maia or Grace (a Kuroinu character not Dr Grey) or Anna or Astrid Flamel or Kohaku. Vick well any of the characters I mentioned for Griff minus Maia. For Sarge not sure who but maybe either Grace (a Kuroinu character not Dr Grey) or Anna or he gets no one. And I’m sure Radomira, Tucker and Sister will get along very well.

And BTW that was NOT Griff Ball, but more like those games where a target goes back and forth and you knock it down with BB guns. A good reference to the early seasons of RvB and hope to see more references of the other seasons as the story goes.

Anyway Griff Ball has Gravity Hammers and Energy Swords and a bomb in it not guns. Got to get the facts straight man. Man I wonder how Alicia will do after being hit by a grenade, unless it’s not a real one and more of a training kind.

And the only thing I see wrong here and in the previous chapters are the spelling errors, need to work on that in this story and your other stories as well but other then that a well done job here and hope to see more soon.
8/30/2019 c4 8Danteinfernus
Poor Lopez. Nobody appreciates the robot lol
8/30/2019 c4 SPARTAN-626
Hmm very nice so far and Im eager to see what will happen next when the two royals meet the rest of the team.
8/28/2019 c3 SPARTAN-626
Again so far so good and nice work with the action here and good job with the rewrite of the first chapter. And if that was Chief at the end I look forward to seeing how he came here. One thing I hope to see later on is seeing Tex rip someone’s skull out and beat them to death with it. As well maybe see the gods from the last season of RvB and do some zoos stuff while also saying the Kuroinu gods never existed and where never gods.
8/26/2019 c1 34TheAutorArgentina
8/24/2019 c2 SPARTAN-626
Yes new chapter and God did I loved reading every second of it! Not only did it felt like a RvB episode and you did well with the characters thus far (hope we see plenty of times Church cursing every 10 seconds that we know he does and love him for it) but also I love the humor here and thats quite a twist with having Locus and Dr Grey joining the team and having Church, Tex, Meta/Maine and Vic coming back to life. Did not saw that coming but I love it and cant wait to see more and where things go from here. I also look forward to seeing everyone reactions when they meet up with each other and find out where they are and what the hell is going on. Keep up the great work and hope to see more soon.
8/18/2019 c1 Halo
I can imagine Carolina calling out the exposure on their "armor"
Washington removing his helmet once, then Maia flirts with him.
Tucker being disgusted and angered by Vault when he tries to recruit Tucker, assuming he would join, and responding with an energy sword stab. Also having Washington come to his defense like "Yes he may be perverted but he doesn't cross forbidden lines"
"How so?"
"He didn't hit on Prim"
Caboose, being mentally scarred and enraged by you know...
Could Church Alpha return?
Simmons having a mental breakdown from several girls talking to him.
8/15/2019 c1 13Nexus Gundam
Well... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! I can’t wait for the mayhem! Please update soon!
8/13/2019 c1 Kill king
Beside the grammar mistakes not bad. Do hope you will continue it
8/12/2019 c1 Halo
Also some errors "Put something on that you see everything" don't you mean "Put something on, I can see everything"?
Same with Doc "Put something on that will catch a cold"
Did you mean "Put something on or you'll catch a cold"?
8/13/2019 c1 SPARTAN-626
Ok this is off to a great start her and thus far your doing good with the RvB stuff and Im enjoying this. Hope to see more soon and I can defiantly see Wash, Carolina, Sarge, Doc and Church keep remarking on the ladies choice of clothing and should put more on. And I can see Tucker enjoying every single moment hes with them. Im also looking forward to see who would be paired/shipped with who if there is any pairings.
8/11/2019 c1 This hurts
As a reader and an author this hurts. Why? The way most words and sentences are formed is so close to being atrocious, sorry but that's the way I see it.
The plot is fine, its clear as day. But reading the structure on it and how you wrote things is not helping this. In fact its dragging it down, cuz you have a good idea, the flow of the plot is fine. But the whole sentence just disrupts the flow.
Sorry, but I'm being an honest critic here.
And my conclusion is that you need to fix your sentences.
8/11/2019 c1 Halo
I love the idea, however it was slightly confusing to read. One paragraph describes a character that RvB fans should recognize, then right after that it does a summary of their appearance? It seemed kinda pointless to have.
8/11/2019 c1 Kamencolin
I’m interested in this
8/11/2019 c1 58Perseus12
Interesting story even its short first chapter and I still like it! Please continue the story, the excitement thrills me!
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