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for Darkness Falls

9/26 c35 Guest
I really wish there was more that was really good
9/25 c1 13Trace Reading
so just going off of this summary I'd have to ask why you don't have any original ideas, why you think bashing is an acceptable substitute for character development, and why you're using the angry mob cliche in 2019. Might as well throw in his dad being named Arashi Kazama for crying out loud.
9/25 c35 14S. S. Shadow
Never mind the first question about chakra, guess you answered it well enough, though injecting it, does that happened automatically, even if the girl isn’t trained to unlock their chakra like ninjas?
9/25 c35 S. S. Shadow
I mentioned it before, but how could Naruto give non-shinobi, like Tsunami, Or Ayame, the mate mark if it requires both parties to infuse the other with their chakra?

Also, while I’m happy to see she’s alright, I can’t help but wonder if losing Anko, or one of his other marked mates that he’s closer to, wouldn’t better serve at a catalyst for Naruto to get even stronger. Sort of that whole ‘losing loved one inspires hero to do better’ thing.

With as strong as Naruto’s becoming though, is going to be anyone left anywhere that might actually challenge him? I know it isn’t arrogance if you can back it up, but sometimes he seems to be a little too confident dealing with some opponents, which could hurt him later on.

Also curious how you plan to deal with the whole Sasuke retrieval arc. Pretty clear even with the snake’s little power hickey, Sasuke doesn’t stand a chance against Naruto at this time, so their whole Valley of the End battle would be rather short, and one sided, unless maybe you wore him out a little by making him somehow take on the Sound Four and Kimmimaro all by himself.

These are just some random thoughts though, so take them as you will. Can’t wait for more.
9/22 c2 thiagopds13
Tried but it's impossible, might as well call him dark flame master with this edge lord...
9/22 c1 thiagopds13
How old are you? This fic is so silly that it confuses me...
9/22 c9 S. S. Shadow
Unless I missed something, didn’t you say both Naruto, and his mate to be, had to inject their chakra into one another for the mark to work?

If so, how can Tsunami mark Naruto since she doesn’t have access to chakra?
9/21 c9 Guest
I hope Naruto did something for Jubie, one it could make a could ally, two its a massive waste of talent, and three it would suck if he ended up one of Danzos mindless drones.
9/10 c35 18Dragon and Sword Master
This was a great chapter and I like how you delved into Anko's past here so well done.
9/10 c19 4C3nterF0ld
9/9 c1 C3nterF0ld
oh just.. just straight up it's ahri huh? well at least I know who to picture in my head lmao
9/8 c35 bastidaswilliam2005
There he is get himmmm!
Now seriusly thank god that you are alright so you can keep update this fic was a long time now you only has to update the others remember me the heir of nazarick crimson daen the crimson king and resident uzumaki and you will be forgiven for the long wait
9/6 c22 Hnbutt
You know, saying that Sasuke has a fragile ego and need to stroke it constantly is sincerely the most funniest and saddest thing I have heard yet.
9/6 c1 crowisdeath46
just asking since he seems to have attracted immortal beings
9/6 c1 crowisdeath46
is he still technically immortal or does will he become a god to gain immortally
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