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11/25 c35 4Vermillion54
Update soon?
11/25 c35 vincentdgooden72496
If the other girls abandoned naruto they shouldn't be considered as his mates or someone he should love.
11/24 c35 3Jonall
one of your best!
11/23 c1 not a fan
Why does Kyubi have black hair and white tails? It doesn't make sense when all his fur is red/orange, just as it doesn't make sense that Naruto has so few injuries after that beating... 3 broken bones? a punctured lung, part of the heart collapsed and some lacerations? At least you should have 15-20 broken bones and many more injuries... (maybe I'm a bit cruel, but in real life if you were hit by several people you would break many more bones... even more so if you are a small child and malnourished)

There is also the fact that she is 6 years old and should not understand everything perfectly or know what is a meadow, or lush, or a stream.

I'm already tired... he's 6 years old and Naruto seems to practically have the mind of an adult... it's very annoying and I'd rather look for something else than read
11/21 c35 Guest
This is awsome hope you update soon love this story and can't wait to see what naruto will do to him
11/18 c35 flurry
11/11 c24 RiderWar93
Rocky Horror Picture Show: Great movie, if highly disturbing to a young impressionable child. I watched it one night when my parents were working late and it was uncensored
11/4 c15 gokurocks2004
Why just give everyone what made naruto special kinda lame
11/3 c4 Nathair1
LOVE this story


11/2 c19 ZeroExia
You know that omake could actually be terrifying do to what ninjas do, plus the fact he so oblivious about that subject his opponents wouldn’t know which side to protect.
10/31 c2 ZeroExia
You know I didn’t comment on the first chapter because of the shock about Naruto’s dad then realized the planet size asshole Danzo got to him
10/4 c19 th3n3xtdoct0r1
Rereading this again and OMG the omake lol I still can't get over how hilarious it is almost died laughing
9/23 c35 16Stack96
Re-read this story over and over. Just waiting on the next update.
9/10 c35 Guest
when will the sequel come out?
8/27 c7 Gcooper21
Sound like kurenai wants to join the harem lol
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