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for Darkness Falls

7/9 c3 4Vermillion54
When will it stop? find out next chapter if someone gets added to the harem!

Seriously this thing is huge.
7/9 c2 Vermillion54
It just keeps going man!
7/9 c1 Vermillion54
I've only read the pairings and just... That's a big one! just I read it and my eyes widened. I've read some harems but never this big!

Note: This is not me saying it's bad, Just amazed.
7/2 c33 Guest
Great chapter please update soon but there is no rush take your time and brainstorm ideas
6/30 c33 Guest
Bro pleaaaseeeeeee finish thiss
6/28 c9 AlphaZwei
"Split", "Damp", and "Crumble".
Wind, Water, and Earth.
That means Sakura has 3 natural affinities, not 2.
6/25 c33 3SamuelLupin
looking forward to the next chapter
6/24 c33 xXxZenakuxXx
Coming Soon: Moegi , Mabui , Hotaru, Yome, Sen, shiho, Maki, Sasame, Yukata , Sari
6/24 c33 Guest
6/18 c33 12N7 Greek-Valkyrie
I can't wait for more 9f this badass story. Plus I want to see Kiba be put in his place alongside Sasuke.
6/17 c33 1Alex77777
Mate you have to do more please
6/12 c33 1Fighteroffates
Great story. I hope you continue to write it.
6/9 c33 Guest
pls do mooooooooooooore i love it
6/5 c27 Seimika
You know I feel on top of everything else lazy sensei should have naruto's book be the only available read till his punishment is over
6/5 c10 fireboy122arthur
I like it narusaku
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