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5/2 c24 Dracodraconus
While this is the third time I read this story it still makes me laugh at the Omakes especially the Omake about Sasuke being the Ultimate Dildo Warrior and Dr. Frankenfurter is actually spelt Dr. Frank-N-Furter
4/30 c20 corjca1
hatefull old bastard one foot in the grave wrinky old cock lol
4/29 c5 corjca1
i detest kakash a proper arse licker sasauka bitch batty boys a bloodclart
4/29 c4 corjca1
i dont mind lemons as long as they are not too long if your over 18 its right were adults after all
4/28 c9 Ripper
I really like this Sakura, and how she is breaking her fangirl ways
4/26 c23 Dracoessa Draga
disqualified, oh hell yeah!
4/26 c21 Dracoessa Draga
4/26 c21 Dracoessa Draga
yo jiraiya, go suck a toad.
4/25 c12 Dracoessa Draga
the elders, and civilian councils can take a swan dive from the hokage monument.
4/25 c11 Dracoessa Draga
no to kushina in the harem.
4/25 c8 Dracoessa Draga
4/25 c3 Dracoessa Draga
uke no stickflipper.
4/25 c3 Dracoessa Draga
bring Kushina back but not as a mate, and have her go hell on the councils.
4/21 c33 The Re-reader
great story
4/20 c33 Raizel Silvestre
this was a great read! hoping to see more chapters in the future
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