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for Darkness Falls

2/24 c12 brandonmunoz499
And tamari too
2/24 c12 brandonmunoz499
I really hope konan stays in the harem
2/24 c5 brandonmunoz499
I just started it and was hoping if you could give hidan a female name. Yunno what i mean?
2/20 c5 Osborn123
Great, another story filled with purely retarded characters. Is it so difficult to have some characters with a minimun amount of common sense? Sigh... Such a let down.
2/18 c33 Boi
Where is da rest
2/17 c1 1JustAnAverageGuy101
I like this so far
2/14 c33 Eb-8
I bing read this in a day. Hot damn you're good.
2/12 c33 okare8
Loving it. THis is my third time reading this and is still as good as the first. Cant wait for the next chapter!
2/11 c33 Rick ki
Thanks for the read. Binged the 33 chapter's currently up.
2/9 c33 Phantom Frost
Just finished rereading this again hope you can update it soon
2/9 c33 Drake.Dman
cool :)
2/8 c26 Drake.Dman
2/5 c17 Drake1101
Can you add sasame fuma and shizune, to naruto harem please ?
2/2 c33 Guest
Can't wait to see the next chapter
1/29 c1 Eduardo Conde
Please update soon!
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