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9/14 c7 3dragun95
Seriously friend, your plot is interesting but bashing almost any man other than Naruto is worrying, if you want them for the harem there are many ways to make their canon partners leave them without looking like bastards, and well, I better not talk about Kakashi and Sasuke because that is something that would make the comment four times as long, although I like that Sakura does not go into the bashing that is a point in your favor.
9/12 c34 Bringerofchaosanddestruction
Another chapter please! You can’t just leave us on a cliff hanger of this proportion!
9/9 c34 Solice Of Steel
I have to admit that i am truly impressed with what you have thus far and i am eager to see what you will have in the future.

9/9 c34 TheLostSoul2112
That was a cruel cliffhanger! Still I love this story and can't wait to read more. I like the premise of the story and how the character development has been going so far.

I do hope we get to see some redemption for Ino at some point because I have always hated how she is a fan girl. The heiress to one of their prominent shinobi clans, and she is a fan girl it's pathetic; I could understand if she were from a civilian family but her dad is a prominent member of T&I.
9/6 c34 silversnitch4765
So Naruto who is extremely protective of his mates gets sent flying a juts of some type and doesn’t shadow travel to Sakura? Seems ooc for him. Same with Anko!
9/4 c34 MERK FOX
Please keep up the great work
9/4 c34 Guest
Hurry with the next chapters!
9/4 c34 Romance Breeding
Anko better not be dead! I will be sad and upset if she is! They are suppose to be together and start a family!

Is Fū going to be in the exams too? It would be nice if they could meet.
Also, in the harem, if you don’t mind my suggestion: Since you have Female Hidan in the harem, would you strongly consider adding in Female Kakuzu, too? I’ve seen Fem. Kakuzu, and see is gorgeous(in my opinion), very unique girl. Plus, not only is she hardly ever used, but this would give Naruto a chance to turn over 2 Akatsuki members at the same time! If she likes money, Naruto is going to be rolling in it!

Please at least strongly consider Female Kakuzu! If we are getting fem Hidan, why not Kakuzu too?
9/3 c34 Dracodraconus021
If Anko dies Orochimaru better pray that Anko lives cause if she dies then he better pray that Naruto doesn't get a hold of him first
9/2 c34 alan.crosmp
Huh. I just read everything and the one true cliffhanger of the whole fanfic comes when there's been no updates for more than a month. This is disheartening.
8/31 c34 18Dragon and Sword Master
So we can't kill the author, who can we kill instead...?

Anyways, a pretty good chapter and cannot wait for the next one.
8/27 c34 JJmalou
Welcome to three chapters where Naruto doesn’t use any of his powers to save his girls. Judging by the a/n’s this has been planned for a long time. I just can’t help but feel that it feels a little artificial given the timings. 1 Naruto gets knocked out of a fight and even Orichimaru thinks he should have dodged it. 2 spends entire fight not shadowstepping to Sakura. 3 lets talk about new chick and not worry about Orichimaru. 4) Conveniently late despite using shadowstep that Orichimaru doesn’t have.
8/24 c34 Guest
Keep going it was starting to get good please update soon but there is no rush take your time
8/23 c26 1Liamo000
I'm glad Kakashi has finally stepped out of the shadow of Sasuke's gargantuan ego.
8/22 c5 Liamo000
The dynamic of Naruto feeling real concern for Sakura without being infatuated with her is really nice. I wish this was how it happened in canon.
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